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Getting hurt because of someone’s negligence or carelessness is called “personal injury”. The most common examples are vehicle accidents. The acts of the sort can have a serious adverse impact on a person, physical, mental and financial alike. Fortunately, the law related to personal injury is there to help you get compensation for the medical bills and other expenses. However, it can be a long and hard process to go through. The last thing you want to add to your plate is a complex legal battle. That is what a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas from McDonald Worley is here for. Each of our attorneys has a proven history of helping their clients obtain the compensation that they deserve. They fight for you and they protect you while you focus on your recovery.

Nevada personal injury law has several statutes of limitations in place for different types of accident. They are tied to the extent of a fault of each party and have a direct and proportional effect on the recoverable damages and compensation. The law also sets caps on damages in certain cases, like medical malpractice.

Across Las Vegas, personal injury victims need help every day. Each case is complex in its own way, from product liability to auto accidents or workers’ compensation. In most instances, it is important to be able to navigate the complexities of Nevada and federal regulations. That is why it is paramount to our Las Vegas personal injury firm as soon as possible after an accident. The first consultation our attorneys provide is always free of charge. You tell us about your case, we advise you about your options and your chances to recover compensation. Once you have all the information, you can make a decision as to how to proceed.

What Does It Cost to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

After ending up with injuries from an accident, some people are afraid to contact a personal injury attorney. They may assume that they will need to spend a large sum of money to receive legal services from a professional attorney. It is understandable for the victim of an accident to have these concerns, especially when he or she has a lot of medical bills that are now piling up because of the injuries. While there is this belief that a personal injury will charge a lot, the majority of personal injury attorneys that provide legal services to victims in the state of Nevada provide a no-win, no-fee guarantee. They will not charge their clients unless they have managed to win compensation for them.

When an attorney works on a contingency basis, the fee that will be paid out is agreed upon beforehand. You may end up paying around 25 percent of what you receive in compensation. However, this is certainly not a bad thing, especially when your attorney can win thousands of dollars for you as the victim involved in an accident that caused many injuries. Another thing you should know is that you can save even more money when you agree to a settlement instead of going to court. While you have the right to want to go to court if the settlement is simply not fair, you may want to agree to the settlement when the right amount of money is being offered to you.

If you need to hire a personal injury attorney, know that with the team at McDonald Worley, your initial consultation is completely free. You do not need to pay to have a consultation with an attorney where you are explaining the situation and making the attorney aware of the different injuries you have because of the accident. It is also true that there are attorneys that accept payment plans from their clients. The payment plans are ideal under some circumstances for the clients. However, the majority of clients prefer when the attorney takes the fee from the amount of compensation provided to them after winning the claim against the liable party.

What Makes McDonald Worley a Great Choice?

When you are injured, you need personal injury attorneys that you can trust.. At McDonald Worley, we take our jobs very seriously. We are going to put forth the required effort to help you win the compensation you should receive for various damages, including your injuries and the mental anguish and suffering you have endured because of the accident. We realize that you have been through so much and are likely still trying to heal both physically and mentally. Our hope is to help you in every way possible.

  • We are respectable attorneys that take an old-fashioned approach when working with clients
  • We pay attention to all the fine details and will carefully review the details of your situation before helping you file a claim
  • We have a detailed understanding of the personal injury laws that exist
  • Never worry about paying us for our legal services until we win compensation for you
  • We are available to answer your questions and provide the support you are looking for

Does It Take a Long Time to Reach a Settlement?

Injured victims often wonder how long it is going to take to reach a settlement when they have been involved in an accident. Some settlements happen faster than others. Because every case is different, there is no way to predict exactly how long it will take to reach a settlement. At McDonald Worley, we want to make sure you are recovering from your injuries and receiving the help you need. We will do what we can to speed up the process as best as possible.

You will need to continue seeking medical care while attempting to receive compensation. As your attorneys will request and make copies of your medical information because we can use that as proof to help you receive more from your settlement. Victims are often awarded larger settlements when their injuries are severe or even catastrophic and life-changing.

Once we have access to your medical records and other information, including the number of bills you are currently receiving from doctors, surgeons, and other medical professionals that are treating you for your injuries, we can move forward with trying to get the best settlement possible for you. We want to make sure the liable party understands the impact that the accident has had on you and the many reasons why you deserve to receive the amount of money that is being requested.

What Will I Receive From the Settlement?

You may want to know how much compensation you will receive and what that compensation is supposed to cover. The reason you should receive compensation is to cover the many losses you have experienced due to the accident. You can file a lawsuit for economic and non-economic damages, including the wages you are no longer receiving because you cannot work, the medicine that you need to pay for because of your injuries, the bills that you receive from the hospital, the impairments you might have, and any emotional distress you now experience from the accident. Some people suffer from severe anxiety, depression, and even post-traumatic stress disorder after accidents.

Who Is Held Responsible for the Accident?

The negligent party is the one who is held responsible for causing the accident. In some situations, a negligent party is a single person, but there are times when more than one person is negligent and causes some sort of accident. These are some of the people that may be liable for your accident:

  • A driver who is operating a vehicle while intoxicated or on drugs
  • A truck driver who fell asleep at the wheel due to a lack of sleep
  • The owner of a business or a home
  • A manufacturer that has produced a defective product
  • A pharmaceutical company that has produced a defective product
  • Physicians and other medical staff members that have made serious mistakes
  • Employees that have failed to provide a duty of care to customers
  • An officer who uses excessive force on an individual

Many people can be listed in a personal injury lawsuit. It all depends on what happened to the victim and who caused it to happen. McDonald Worley is ready to help you file a lawsuit against the person, people, or even the company that is responsible for what has happened to you during the accident. If you feel comfortable pursuing the compensation that you need and deserve, we would love to speak to you today.

Types of Cases of Our Personal Injury Lawyers

Although most of us have heard of personal injury, it is a very complex concept and legally, there are a lot of variables and implications involved. Personal injury can range from a car or a bicycle accident, a pedestrian accident, a slip-and-fall in a supermarket or a dog bite to more serious cases like burns and even wrongful death.. In all of the above cases, as well as others, it is vital to contact an attorney as soon as possible and be prepared to trust them and provide them with any information you have.

Essentially, personal injury law regulates the procedure of seeking compensation from someone that has caused you a bodily injury and other consequences – emotional, financial or otherwise. More specifically, however, each case is unique, and the outcome depends on a lot of factors. That is why our personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas come from a variety of backgrounds and have different experiences. They always put first the client’s interests and follow through to the best of their ability. The attorneys work on a contingency basis which means that they only get paid if you recover the compensation. Some of the cases the personal injury lawyers handle are listed below.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are one of the most common causes of personal injury, and one of the most difficult to get over. It can happen to any of us, especially in a city as large as Las Vegas. Such accidents can range from a rear-end bump to falling asleep at the wheel to a head-on collision. In each of those cases, there is a big risk of a serious injury that can have a significant, perhaps even permanent, impact on your life. So it is important that you have a strong car accident attorney to fight your legal battle to get you your compensation..

Hiring a personal injury attorney in Las Vegas from McDonald Worley team means that you have taken a decision to have us fight for you using the best tools at our disposal – our skills, knowledge, and experience. Every single one of our Las Vegas-based personal injury attorneys is dedicated to providing the best level of client care. Their vast range of experience and client-centered approach would help you recover what is owed to you because of the accident. You deserve to recover in peace in a local hospital like Centennial Hospital while our team at Las Vegas takes care of all the paperwork, the meetings, and the hearings.

Truck Accidents

Every year, thousands of US citizens are injured or lose their lives in a truck accident. The risks are even higher than in car accidents. Highways are particularly vulnerable since a lot of trucks drive on them and truck accidents therefore often involve several vehicles at once. The regulations governing truck accidents are not the same as those for car collisions, and trucking companies always have lawyers to argue for them to reduce the amount of compensation they owe you.

For that reason, we recommend that you contact a personal injury attorney of Las Vegas from our team if you had been in a truck accident and were taken to Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center. Each attorney at our firm is proficient at navigating the regulations and dealing with the insurers. The latter skill is particularly necessary in such cases because they are the ones who should take care of your payout and they will do their best to minimize it. You deserve all the compensation you can get, and our lawyers have a proven track record of recovering compensation for our clients. Las Vegas truck accident lawyers with McDonald Worley are here for you. Get in touch with them for a free consultation to assess your options.

Motorcycle Accidents

In Nevada, about 80% of motorcycle accidents cause an injury. These staggering statistics are due to the fact that when one is riding a motorcycle, their body is more exposed than when they are driving a car, for instance. The drivers don’t always pay attention to the bikers on the road, which results in many accidents. Add hazardous weather conditions and negligent driving to that, and it becomes quite clear why motorcyclists are at great risk of personal injury.

If you have been a victim of a motorcycle accident in Las Vegas, make sure to call the police and seek medical attention immediately. Then gather all the reports (incident, medical, etc.) and get in touch with our motorcycle accident lawyers in Las Vegas for a free consultation. They will carefully review your case and give you a personalized recommendation as to your options. If you choose to file a claim, McDonald Worley guarantees that the personal injury attorneys will put you and your interests as a priority.. Our Las Vegas attorneys have a lot of experience with different motorcycle accidents and know how to navigate the complexities of the legal system and to assess the facts of each case.

Bicycle Accidents

Riding a bicycle every day is a wonderful and healthy activity and a great way to keep fit. Unfortunately, cyclists are usually quite vulnerable to accidents. Even if you wear a helmet and take other safety precautions, you can still get injured in a bicycle accident. Like motorcyclists, a bicycle rider’s body is exposed, and car drivers don’t always take them into account. A cyclist cannot control the environment on the road, and anybody can become a victim of an accident in a matter of seconds. Recovery from such an accident can be a long, unpleasant and expensive process.

You are entitled to all the compensation you can get in such an accident, but legal battles are the last thing on anybody’s mind when they are recovering. As they should be – you need to focus on getting better and moving past it. Which is where our personal injury attorneys come in.. Once you obtain all the paperwork after the accident and get the necessary medical attention, get in touch with our Las Vegas team of personal injury lawyers for a free consultation. They will discuss your situation with you in detail and let you know the options available to you.

Uber Accidents

Transport tech services like Uber are a fantastic innovation that has added a lot of convenience to our lives. For instance, you don’t have to spend money on a parking space at an event or be the “designated driver” on a night out. And generally, Uber drivers are very careful on the road. However, accidents can happen to anybody, even if they are in a vehicle with a world-class driver. Road conditions, weather conditions, and other drivers’ behavior are outside your control.

v have very specific regulations and formalities attached to them because of the special insurance rules. To make sure that your recovery isn’t hindered by the process of figuring them out and the hassle of a legal claim, contact one of our Uber accident lawyers in Las Vegas today. They will deal with the paperwork, the court appearances, the settlements, and other things. Just make sure you get in touch with our Las Vegas Uber accident attorneys as soon as possible – Nevada has a lot of statutes of limitations in place. The first consultation is free of charge, and you only pay the attorneys a percentage of the compensation they manage to recover.

Pedestrian Accidents

We take the best possible care to look both ways when we cross the road. We don’t cross at the red light, and we only cross where we are supposed to. Nonetheless, a pedestrian accident can happen to anyone, even if you comply with all the rules. They are a terrible thing to experience, and the recovery can be quite cumbersome. An accident can cause a lot of pain and suffering, injuries that can affect you for life, and serious financial burdens.

Las Vegas’ enormity is why it consistently takes one of the top American cities in pedestrian accidents. A lot of them are fatal. But even if you survive, the consequences are devastating. You need to focus on your recovery and not worry about legal issues. Contact one of our Las Vegas pedestrian accident attorneys for a free consultation to assess your options. They will fight for you and do their best to recover as much compensation for you as possible, so you don’t have to worry about medical bills. The team has a lot of experience with pedestrian accidents in Las Vegas and their priority is the people. That means you.

Wrongful Death

Losing a beloved family member as a result of someone else’s actions or negligence is a tragedy. They deserve justice, and you deserve compensation. It is possible to recover damages in the event of wrongful death. It is classified as a personal injury claim and the examples include death during negligent surgery and death as a result of someone texting while driving, among others.

Every US state has its own statute about wrongful death. The Nevada law (N.R.S. 41.085) stipulates that it is possible to bring an “action for damages against the person who caused the death”. The time limit imposed by the law is two years since the date of death. Under that law, only the heirs or representatives of the victim can bring legal action. If you are that person, contact our firm’s wrongful death attorneys in Las Vegas, to figure out your options. Don’t hesitate to seek justice for your beloved one – that is what the lawyers are here for. The first consultation is always free and very helpful to understand what you can do. You need to concentrate on taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Our attorneys will make sure justice is served.

Hotel Injury

People come to Las Vegas everyday for vacations, work events, family reunions, or just to have a fun break from their regular life. They look forward to staying at some of the greatest hotels in the world and taking in world-class entertainment, shopping, and casinos. Unfortunately, accidents do occur at these hotels, and often they are the result of negligent actions by hotel management and staff.

If you were injured at a hotel, holding the massive corporation accountable can feel like an impossible task. If you go it alone, this feeling may be proven correct. Thankfully, a Las Vegas hotel injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve by proving the hotel was responsible for the events that caused your injury. If you or someone you loved has suffered an injury while on a hotel’s property, contact one of our attorneys today and receive a risk-free consultation. We will work with you to prove that what should have been an enjoyable vacation was ruined because of the negligence of management or staff at the hotel.

Slip & Fall Injuries

Because of the nature of Las Vegas, with its many hotels, casinos, stores, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues, slip and fall accidents are an ever-present danger. While we may not like to think about things in this manner, every time you go into a business, there is the risk that you slip on an overlooked wet spot, slick floor, uneven walkway, or some other impediment. If this occured as the result of negligence by the property owner, you could be entitled to significant compensation.

At McDonald Worley, our slip and fall injury lawyers in Las Vegas have seen it all and we know how to best fight for our clients. We know how to prove that your injury happened through no fault of your own and that had the property management and staff acted appropriately, you would have never been hurt. If you have suffered a slip and fall injury, don’t just assume that it was your fault or that there is nothing you can do to get compensation for your injuries. Our lawyers are ready to help you get the fair compensation you deserve and offer a free consultation so that you can find out if you have a case.

Nursing Home Abuse

Sometimes, we cannot give our aging members of our family the care that they need. That is what nursing homes are for. They are supposed to provide safe and comfortable living conditions and cater to each resident’s needs. Unfortunately, many of them are usually short-staffed, nurses are overloaded and underpaid, and accidents can happen. They are classified as a personal injury under Nevada nursing home laws. The laws specify the abuse to be “intentional, knowing or negligent act by a nursing home caregiver that subjects an older person to harm or serious risk of harm”. Such cases often, unfortunately, go unreported, even though the victims deserve justice and compensation.

If your loved one has suffered as a result of such a terrible act, please get in touch with our team of Las Vegas personal injury attorneys. They will carefully review your case, help determine the extent of negligence, investigate the facility and ensure that you are fairly compensated for what has transpired. Not only that, but you coming to us would also prevent that kind of abuse from happening to other people in the future. Contact McDonald Worley’s Las Vegas personal injury lawyers today for a free consultation.

Brain Injuries

Brain damage is a very scary thing and a very serious and complex legal issue. It can occur during a slip-and-fall accident, a car accident, or any other instance when you hit your head. Regardless of the cause, the consequences can be unpredictable and last you for life. These include memory loss, sensitivity to light and sound, mood swings and mental health issues, among others. Medical treatments for those things can be very expensive, especially if they are not diagnosed right away. You were not at fault for your injuries or any other consequences – so why should you be the one bearing the burden?

Our Las Vegas personal injury lawyers may not be able to cure your brain injuries, but they will do their best to recover compensation to which you are entitled to your suffering. Contact them today for a free consultation to discuss your options and how much you can recover. They have dealt with many victims of brain injuries and have an excellent track record of fighting successfully for their interests. The secret to their success is that they put clients as a priority above all else – and you can expect the same treatment from the first consultation onwards.

Burn Injuries

Burn injuries are some of the painful ones a person can sustain. They can be classified into first, second and third-degree burns. All of them are terrible to go through, but the latter is the worst. Irrespective of the cause, treating a burn can be a very unpleasant and expensive procedure that takes a long time. Sometimes, it is impossible to heal the scars, and you have to live with them for the rest of your life. But even if not, treatments like skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries, together with the painkillers prescriptions, can bring your total medical bills up to an extortionate amount.

You don’t need to deal with the financial issues while you focus on your recovery. Our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys can help you get the compensation from a guilty party that would cover the costs. They understand that each burn injury case is unique by nature and will, therefore, give yours their full attention. Their first consultation is free. During it, they will help you assess your situation and your options. Contact them today, hand the work over to them and focus on your recovery, rehabilitation and moving on while they fight on your behalf.

Dog Bites

Most of us love dogs, for many good reasons. However, an adorable creature can turn feral easily and quickly, causing an injury that could be very painful and even require treatment. Which is exactly what you should do, even if you think the bite didn’t hurt much. Not only is it vital to prevent infection as soon as possible, but it is also important to document your injury by a medical professional, for legal reasons. Once you get medical attention, you need to notify a local animal control agency, documenting the accident’s details. It is a legal requirement in Nevada to do so, and doing so can prevent the pet from causing injury to others.

All of the above documentation would serve as a legal basis for a personal injury case that our Las Vegas dog bite attorneys would build. Most often, they would deal with insurance companies, but it can also be a lawsuit in severe cases. Usually, you would be entitled to recover the cost of medical care, lost wages (if applicable) and pain and suffering. Personal injury lawyers have a lot of experience with dog bites cases.. Contact one of our lawyers for a preliminary free consultation.

CONTACT a Las Vegas Injury Lawyer at McDonald Worley Today

Each of our first consultations is offered risk-free. For the best results possible, please make sure you get in touch with one of our attorneys as soon as you get medical attention. Nevada has statutes of limitation in place for most personal injury claims, and the limit is usually two years after the accident. Even though it might seem like a long time, it really is not. For instance, some brain damage consequences make themselves known after a long time has passed, and it is next to impossible to get a case heard in a Nevada court after the expiry of two years.

Our lawyers are very good at investigating each accident, but we also kindly ask you to gather your own paperwork and bring it to the first consultation. It can be a medical report, a police incident report, photos from the scene, or any other evidence relevant to your case. These documents are usually the foundation for most of our cases – insurance settlements or litigation.

At the first free consultation, our Las Vegas personal injury attorneys listen to your recollection of events, review your evidence and let you know the options available to you. When possible, we also advise an approximate estimate of the amount of compensation you might be able to recover.

If you decide to hire one of the personal injury lawyers from our Las Vegas team to help you recover compensation owed to you, we guarantee our best efforts to do just that. Our priority will always be to protect and fight for your interests. All of the McDonald Worley personal injury attorneys follow that principle at all stages of the case. Contact us today to start the process of obtaining the compensation you deserve!


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