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Need a North Las Vegas personal injury lawyer? In law, personal injury occurs when a person is injured because of the carelessness or negligence of another person. Some of the most common examples of personal injury are vehicle accidents. They are also known to have very serious repercussions on the victim, including mental, financial, and physical suffering. Fortunately, personal injury law is put in place to help you seek the compensation you need or all the medical bills and other expenses you have incurred due to the accident.

Still, seeking compensation can be a lengthy and complicated process to undergo. The last thing you want on your plate is handling a complex legal battle along with everything else that you might be going through. This is why it’s recommended that you work with a North Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer, ideally one from McDonald Worley to help you with the case. Our personal injury lawyers help clients to pursue the compensation they deserve for their injuries. The lawyers will fight for you and protect you so that you can focus on recovering from the injuries.

In Nevada, personal injury law has a number of different statutes of limitation for various types of accidents. These are tied to the fault of each party to some extent, as well as a direct and proportional effect on the recoverable damages and compensation. In some cases, such as medical negligence, the law has a cap on the recoverable damages.

There are personal injury victims all across North Las Vegas that need assistance on a daily basis. Of course, each case has its own complexities, from auto accidents to worker’s compensation to product liability. In most cases, it’s important to have the ability to navigate the different federal and state regulations in Nevada. As such, it’s important to contact our law firm as soon as possible after the accident. Our attorneys will always provide the first legal consultation for free. Use this chance to tell us about your case, and we’ll then discuss the options you have and your chances of receiving compensation. Once you have the information you need, you can decide on how to proceed.

How Much Does Hiring a Personal Injury Attorney Cost?

After sustaining injuries in an accident, some individuals are hesitant to call a personal injury lawyer. They might assume they will have to spend a large amount of money in order to hire a professional attorney and receive their legal services. It is very understandable that an accident victim would have those concerns, especially when the person has many medical bills that are accumulating due to their injuries. Although many people believe that personal injury attorneys charge high fees, most personal injury lawyers provide their legal services to Nevada state victims on a no-win, no-fee guarantee basis. Their clients are not charged unless they obtain compensation for them.

Whenever a lawyer works on a contingency basis, you and the attorney will agree on the fee that will be paid ahead of time. You might end up paying about 25 percent of the total amount of compensation that you receive. However, that is not necessarily bad, especially when your lawyer can help to win thousands of dollars on your behalf as the victim of an accident that caused you to become injured. Another important thing for you to be aware of is that you can save more money if you agree to a settlement rather than go to court. Although you do have the right to go to court if you are offered an unfair settlement, you might want to agree to a settlement if you are offered the right amount of compensation.

If you need help from a personal injury lawyer, know that your initial consultation with our McDonald Worley team is completely free of charge. You will not have to pay to consult with a lawyer to explain your situation and inform them of the various injuries you have sustained due to the accident. There are also attorneys who accept payment plans from clients. Under some circumstances, payment plans can be ideal for clients. However, most clients prefer it when their lawyer takes their fee from the compensation they receive after winning a claim against the party who is liable.

What is the Definition of Personal Injury?

Personal injury law is the basis for all personal injury cases. The law outlines the legal framework that accident victims can use to seek justice and compensation for the damages and injuries they sustained. Also known as Tort law, personal injury law covers everything related to accidents, along with intentional acts of harm including defamation, sexual abuse, defective products, and negligence. All personal injury claims in North Las Vegas have two distinct issues: damages and liability. What are the kind of damages and/or injuries sustained as a result of the accident or negligence? Who was responsible for these damages and injuries?

Most accidents typically involve the notion of negligence. In law, negligence refers to failing to exercises a reasonable degree of care that a reasonable individual would have in the exact circumstances leading to the accident. To establish negligence in a personal injury case, the following concepts have to be demonstrated:


This refers to the legal obligation a person or company is expected to exercise while dealing with actions that have the potential of harming other people. This can involve a lot of things, including a motorist driving a vehicle, a medical professional providing a patient with medical care, etc. Normally, the defendant doesn’t necessarily have to know that the plaintiff is obligated to exercise a duty of care.


Breach refers to the violation of the legal obligation to exercise reasonable care. It basically means that the defendant clearly breached this duty of care by not acting in ways a reasonable and prudent individual would. As such, the defendant should have known that their actions would potentially cause others to be injured.


This refers to the link between the victim and their injuries to the said breach of the duty of care. For negligence to be established, the victim has to show that their injuries were directly caused by this breach.


These include injuries and other damages caused by the breach of duty.

How Much Is My Personal Injury Case In North Las Vegas Worth?

A personal injury case’s total value varies depending on how much the damages are that have been caused by the injuries you have sustained. Damages may be awarded as well for intangibles such as pain and suffering or mental anguish, as well as tangible such as medical bills and loss of earnings – both present and future. In some cases, the courts might impose punitive damages as well to the defendant. Those damages are awarded whenever the behavior was especially irresponsible.

Does Reaching a Settlement Take A Long Time?

Injured victims might wonder how long it typically takes to reach a settlement following an accident. Well, some settlements are completed faster than others. And since every case is unique, it’s almost impossible to predict exactly how long it will take to reach a settlement for your case. Nonetheless, at McDonald Worley, we want to make sure that you get the help you need so that you stay focused on recovering from your injuries fully. We do everything we can to make the process as seamless and quick as possible.

So, while you’re pursuing compensation, you should continue seeking medical care. As your attorney will tell you, you should keep copies of all the relevant medical receipts and records, since they will serve as evidence for your case to receive compensations. In most cases, victims are given larger settlement amounts when the injuries are catastrophic, life-threatening, or severe.

Once we have access to all of your relevant information, including your medical records and the bills that are currently running from your doctors, surgeons, physiotherapists, and other professionals involved in treating your injuries, we’ll then move forward with pursuing the highest possible amount as compensation settlement. We’ll then ensure that the party at fault is aware that you have been affected by the accidents, along with the different reasons why you need and deserve the compensations you’re seeking.

Contact an Injury Attorney at McDonald Worley in North Las Vegas Today

We offer all our clients a risk-free initial consultation. If you want the best possible results, get in touch with one of our attorneys as soon as you receive medical attention. Most of the personal injury claims have statutes of limitations, and in most cases, the limit is about 2 years following the accident.. While this might seem like such a long time, it’s not. Plus, some consequences of the accident, such as brain damage, are typically not evident for a long time, and it becomes nearly impossible to file a claim after the 2-year window has elapsed.

Our lawyers are experienced at investigating accident cases. Nonetheless, we do ask all our clients to collect all their records and paperwork with them for the initial consultation. This could be photos/videos of the scene, a medical report, a police report, or other evidence related to their case. These documents are usually the foundation of most of the cases.

During the first free initial consultation, our lawyers in North Las Vegas will listen to you and your account of the events, review the available evidence and let you know about the options you have. When possible, we’ll also give you a rough estimate of the amount of compensation you might be able to recover.

If you do choose to hire one of our lawyers in our North Las Vegas office to help you pursue the compensation you need and deserve, we guarantee that we’ll do our absolute best to do exactly that. In fact, our top priority is fighting hard for you, protect your interests, and win your case, so that you receive compensation for your injuries. At McDonald Worley, all our personal injury lawyers have this principle in mind, and you can rely on them at every stage of your case.

Contact McDonald Worley Law today and officially start the process of pursuing the compensation you need and deserve for your damages and injuries.


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