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Chances are, you never expect to get hit by a car. Imagine you’re crossing the street or jogging on the road. The next thing you know you’re hit by a car. You go flying. You’re hurt and in pain. Hopefully, the driver sticks around to see if you’re okay.  We have seen an overall decrease in the number of car accidents. However, we have seen an increase in the number of accidents involving pedestrians. Texas ranks as the state with the 13th most pedestrian deaths in the United States. In fact, pedestrian accidents are at their highest level in over 25 years.

One misconception is that the pedestrian always has the right of way. This isn’t true. Pedestrians have to follow rules just like drivers. When you follow these rules and are still struck, you need to contact a Houston, TX pedestrian accident lawyer. Most pedestrian accidents are caused by driver negligence. You want to have a strong lawyer by your side. Don’t go up against the insurance company by yourself.

You Never Expect to Need a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

Believe it or not, pedestrians have to follow the same laws as drivers in Houston, TX. You can’t cross at a red light. You need to stop at a stop sign. You’re supposed to walk with the flow of traffic. If you are breaking one of the rules when you get hit, you may be partly at fault.

Even though these rules apply to pedestrians, cars do owe a duty of care to pedestrians. A car is a lot bigger than a person. A car can cause a lot more damage than a pedestrian can. Courts know this. That is why the perception is that the pedestrian always has the right of way.

Your car accident lawyer knows the law. They know what duties drivers and pedestrians have toward each other. They will look at your injuries and let you know what kind of compensation you may be owed.

What Can a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Do for You?

A pedestrian accident attorney will fight the insurance company for you. Believe it or not, even as a pedestrian, you can be in the wrong. For example, if you were walking when the light specifically says “Do Not Walk”, you may be at fault. This is one of the first things the insurance company will look for. They will also look to see if you were distracted while you were walking. Were you texting instead of looking for traffic?

Your personal injury attorney will do the same thing for you. They can subpoena cell phone records for the driver to see if he was texting or talking on his phone at the time of the accident. Your attorney can also subpoena camera records for stores and properties with cameras near the scene. They will be able to tell if the driver was negligent or at fault.

If you are struck by a car, you can suffer really serious injuries. The severity depends on how fast the car is going when it hits you. You may suffer a traumatic brain injury. Your spinal cord could be severed. You may be lucky and walk away with just cuts and bruises. Regardless, your lawyer needs to review your medical history.

Pedestrian accidents lead to some of the biggest settlements in personal injury. A pedestrian is at a complete disadvantage against a car or truck. Even if the pedestrian was at fault somewhat, juries will look at both sides. Who do they feel should be held responsible? They are probably going to side with the innocent pedestrian walking down the road.

Call the Pedestrian Accident Lawyers at McDonald Worley

If you’re injured in a pedestrian accident in Houston, TX, call the lawyers at McDonald Worley.. They have decades of experience handling this type of case. They will help you obtain the settlement you are entitled to under the law and will work hard for you so you can focus on your recovery.

The pedestrian accident lawyers at McDonald Worley know the law.. They can look at your case and have an idea of who is at fault and later collect the evidence necessary to present your case. The lawyers at McDonald Worley will do what you cannot. They will go up against the insurance companies.

McDonald Worley offers a free consultation in Houston, TX. You can have an experienced attorney review your case. He will answer any questions you may have. He will give you an idea of what your case may be worth. You pay nothing until your case settles.


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