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You hear more and more about Uber accidents. It is super convenient to have an Uber driver pick you up. You can go to a concert or event and not have to worry about parking. You can enjoy a Friday night out without worrying about driving afterward. However, accidents happen. This is no different with an Uber driver.

When rideshare companies first came out, we weren’t sure how this would work. Would the driver have to carry his own insurance? What if he didn’t? Would Uber be responsible for the accident? It wasn’t until the states got involved that we had a clear-cut answer.

Texas demands that rideshare companies provide their own insurance. They don’t allow rideshare companies to lay all the blame on their driver. Imagine if a Greyhound bus driver was in an accident. Imagine if he was negligent – drunk driving or texting at the time of the accident. Would we let Greyhound off the hook?  No.

If you are in an Uber accident, you are going to need an attorney. Houston, TX Uber accident attorneys are experienced in these types of cases. They will work hard to get you the compensation you deserve. Of course, Uber accidents bring their unique issues. Lawyers know how to deal with these issues.

You Need a Houston Uber Accident Attorney

Houston, TX Uber accident attorneys are seeing their fair share of negligence cases. Rideshare companies like Uber are getting sued more often. Regular car accident lawyers aren’t familiar with Texas laws about ridesharing. You want to trust the experts at McDonald Worley. They understand the rules and laws in Texas.

Texas law now requires rideshare companies to carry $1-million policies. As you can imagine, the insurance companies have a lot to lose. If you are in an Uber accident, you will have to sue the insurance company. The insurance company will do all it can to deny your claim. You want a strong lawyer on your side to battle the insurance company.

The insurance company will not want to pay out on a $1 million-dollar claim. They are not in the business of paying claims. They want to deny as many claims as they can. Their hope is that you will back down. They don’t expect you to hire an attorney to go to battle for you. When you do, the insurance company changes their tune. They have to take your attorney seriously.

What Can an Uber Accident Attorney Do for You?

If you are injured in an Uber accident, you will suffer injuries. You may suffer whiplash, back injuries, or head trauma and receive the same kinds of injuries that you would experience if you were driving. You may have broken bones, cuts, and bruises. Whatever your injuries, you deserve compensation.

An Uber accident attorney will fight to get you the money you deserve. The insurance company will fight hard to deny your claim. They will allege that it wasn’t the Uber driver’s fault. They will say the driver isn’t negligent at all.

Your accident lawyer will prove that it wasn’t your fault. How could it be – you were a passenger!  They will demand the driver’s cell phone records and dash cam video if it is available. They will check to see if the Uber driver was distracted. These are the sorts of things you wouldn’t be able to do yourself.

Call One of the Uber Accident Lawyers at McDonald Worley

If you’ve been hurt in an Uber accident in Houston, TX, call McDonald Worley. They have lawyers experienced in these types of cases. Your first consultation is free. You will meet with one of their knowledgeable lawyers. He will answer any questions and concerns you may have. He will review your case and ask the right questions.

Your Uber accident lawyer knows how the law in Texas works. Unless there are really strange circumstances, the accident is likely not your fault. It is the fault of the Uber driver. It may even be the fault of a third party. However, as long as you’re in their car, the Uber driver is responsible.

You put your trust in the Uber driver and you got injured. That won’t happen when you put your trust in McDonald Worley. They will fight hard to get you the compensation you deserve. The consultation is free. You won’t pay anything until you win your case. Let the attorneys at McDonald Worley work hard for you. This way, you can focus on recovering from your injuries.

Call today and schedule your free consultation. The attorneys are ready to take your call.



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