Diesel Fuel Exposure


Exposure to diesel fumes has been linked to severe respiratory diseases, and people with existing conditions can see worsened symptoms. Leading diesel fume attorneys are investigating the health side effects of diesel fume exposure.

Truckers, shipping professionals, and others that have received prolonged exposure to fume toxins should contact our experienced diesel exposure attorneys immediately, as they might be entitled to significant compensation.

Being exposed to the exhaust fumes and toxins in diesel fuel can lead to an increased risk for severe health complications.

  • Lung Cancer
  • Respiratory Complications
  • Heart Disease
  • Strokes


The attorneys at our firm offer no-cost consultations to any person who worked in the trucking industry who has developed lung cancer or other complications possibly linked to exposure to diesel exhaust.

While the public perception is that smoking is the most prominent cause of lung cancer, thousands of cases are diagnosed each year in people who do not, or have never smoked. Recent studies have linked diesel toxin exposure as a contributing cause of lung cancer..

If you worked in the trucking industry or suffered long-term exhaust exposure, you should contact us immediately to speak with an experienced diesel fume lawyer to review your legal options.

Recent studies have shown that people working in the trucking industry have an elevated risk of developing lung cancer as a result of their exposure to the harmful toxins found in diesel fumes. This elevated risk does not affect only those who drive on long hauls, though. In fact, it has extended to others like dockworkers, as well as pickup and delivery driving specialists.

Evidence that exhaust fumes have contributed to the development of lung cancer is growing quickly. Unfortunately, the trucking industry has responded slowly. Those who have worked in the trucking industry and have developed lung cancer could be entitled to compensation. If you have been affected, you should learn your legal rights by contacting one of our diesel fume lung cancer attorneys immediately.

In 2002, the EPA released a report that concluded that exposure to diesel exhaust over a long period of time was linked to lung cancer. The report stated that diesel exhaust has had a causal relationship with lung cancer cases. The report also concluded that the evidence of fume exposure causing cancer in humans is persuasive.

At the time of the EPA report, manufacturers of diesel engines blamed older engines for the findings. However, the EPA countered with its own statement concluding that the evidence it found relates to all engines in use, including newer engines.


The Environmental Health Perspectives study of 2009 was one of the original studies to measure the dangers of diesel exposure at work. Before that, studies on the subject were limited by a lack of records and exposure measurements.

The diesel exposure study looked at work records for over 30,000 male trucking industry workers in 1985. The study examined mortality rates due to lung cancer through the year 2000. The study looked at eight categories of workers including everyone from long-haul drivers to clerks.

For the most part, the workers who were studied gained employment in their mid-30s, and they were mostly Caucasian. These workers generally lived in the midwest or the south, and they worked in the trucking industry for an average of 22 years.

The diesel fumes side effects study found that there were over 4,000 deaths and nearly 800 cases of lung cancer in the years between 1985 and 2000. Nearly every worker in the industry experienced hazard ratios which were significantly elevated.

After allowing for the normal amount of tobacco smoking on the job, researchers came to the conclusion that dockworkers and those drivers who worked shorter routes experienced a two percent increase in cancer risk each year. This rate was even higher than that of long-haul drivers. According to the researchers, this is because long-haul drivers spend more time in their cabs, away from harmful diesel exhaust fumes.


If you have been diagnosed with associated symptoms and have prolonged exposure to diesel fumes, you should contact our experienced diesel exposure attorney immediately to review your legal options. You may be entitled to significant compensation.


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