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When you’re injured in a normal car wreck, the other driver may have minimal insurance coverage. However, Uber drivers may be required to have more insurance coverage. This can be beneficial to anyone that was in an accident involving an Uber driver. Unfortunately, for a layperson, it can be challenging to navigate Uber’s complicated insurance policies. That is where a Las Vegas injury law firm comes into play. With McDonald Worley, an Uber accident attorney can assist you if you suffered an injury in a car wreck while using a ride-sharing service in Las Vegas.. Call our office today at 877-721-3423 to schedule a free consultation and learn how we can help you deal with the insurance companies.

How Can A Lawyer Help Me With an Uber Accident Case?

We’re experienced professionals that can properly evaluate your case. We’ll be able to provide you with guidance so that you can seek appropriate compensation for the damages or injuries that you’ve suffered. We can build the strongest possible case for you. We’ll be able to negotiate with any other parties and their legal team as well as your insurance company. We can ensure that your case progresses quickly.

The team at McDonald Worley has helped many people involved in Uber accidents. We have experience negotiating insurance settlements with every carrier in the Las Vegas area. We’re familiar with this process and can work to develop a strong strategy for you. Our legal team follows recent cases and judgments so that we always have the most up-to-date information.

Who Pays For My Injuries if I’m in an Uber Accident?

Any pedestrian, passenger, or driver that suffered an injury in an Uber accident may be eligible for compensation.. In Las Vegas, Nevada, car wreck laws are based on fault. The insurance company of the at-fault driver is responsible for your injuries and damages.

If you’ve suffered an injury because of an Uber driver’s negligence, there may be more than one insurance policy in play. Because of this, you may not know the best way to proceed. As an example:

  • Uber offers $1 million in accident liability coverage for their drivers
  • Uber provides another million to cover accidents involving uninsured or underinsured motorists.
  • Individual Uber drivers are required to have personal car insurance.

The minimum insurance requirements in Nevada are much lower than Uber’s commercial coverage levels. This can benefit you greatly. Uber’s policies will make it easier for you to receive compensation that can help you cover damages like medical bills and loss of wages.

Still, you should be aware that Uber’s policies won’t provide coverage under all circumstances. For example:

  • A driver will not be covered under Uber’s insurance unless they are logged into the Uber system.
  • A driver’s personal insurance policy bears primary responsibility when a driver is logged in and awaiting a ride request. Uber does offer excess insurance coverage in these situations.
  • Uber’s insurance coverage applies when a driver has accepted a ride request and is either en route to pick up a rider or transporting a rider.

Sadly, it’s common for insurance companies to deny Uber accident claims that are filed via someone’s personal insurance policy. This is because personal insurance policies typically do not provide coverage for commercial driving, like ridesharing. It’s also common for Uber to dispute any claims, even if the individual was injured in an Uber vehicle or by an Uber driver. That’s why anyone involved in an Uber wreck will want to work with a car accident lawyer.

What if I’m an Uber Driver and Injured in an Accident?

If you work as an Uber driver, the worker’s compensation laws in Nevada do not apply to you. You’ll be required to file an accident claim through the appropriate insurance company. If your injuries were caused by another driver, you may be able to file a claim with their insurance company. If you are the one that was responsible for the accident, the time at which the accident occurred is crucial. If you were:

  • Offline, then your claim should be filed through your own insurance company.
  • Logged in and awaiting a request, you’ll still want to file a claim through your own insurance policy. However, Uber does provide excess coverage under these circumstances.
  • Transporting a passenger or traveling to pick someone up, you’ll want to file a claim through Uber’s $1 million insurance policy.

You’ll also have contingent collision coverage through Uber in this situation.

Navigating multiple insurance policies can be a big challenge for any person, especially someone recovering from an accident. Uber may require you to file a claim through your own insurance company before they accept a claim from you. Insurance adjusters may pressure you not to file a commercial claim. That’s why you should work with a personal injury lawyer that will fight to protect your rights.

What Steps Should I Take if I’m Injured in an Uber Accident?

In order to file a successful car accident claim, you’ll need evidence. Evidence is particularly important in Uber wrecks, as you’ll be dealing with numerous insurance companies and legal teams. You’ll want to make sure you:

  • File a police report through local law enforcement after the accident
  • Capture photos at the scene of the accident
  • Collect the insurance information from the other driver, including their Uber Policy information
  • Obtain medical attention right away if necessary
  • If the other driver has an Uber logo on their vehicle, you should find out if they were logged into the Uber system during the collision

Ridesharing accident claims will require insurance policies to be analyzed carefully. Medical records will have to be evaluated, and other information must be taken into account as well. That’s why you’ll want to work with an experienced Las Vegas Uber accident lawyer that will be able to establish an excellent case for you.

Does Uber Insure Their Drivers?

Uber only provides insurance coverage for their drivers when they are working for Uber. Drivers are considered to be on Uber’s clock if they are transporting someone or traveling to pick up an Uber passenger.

At all other types, the driver’s only coverage comes from their personal insurance policy. Uber drivers are classified as independent contractors rather than employees, and they often use that to avoid liability after an accident. Because ridesharing is a fairly new concept, there isn’t a lot of precedent for these kinds of accidents.

Can I Negotiate a Settlement with Uber on My Own?

We advise against talking to Uber or its insurance providers until after you’ve talked to a rideshare accident lawyer in Las Vegas. Because Uber is a major company, they have a massive legal team. Hundreds of people sue Uber each year, which means they take a defensive approach against anyone trying to file a claim. You’ll want to have an experienced lawyer fighting hard on your behalf.

Can I File a Lawsuit Against Uber?

If you want to file a lawsuit, you’ll need to demonstrate that the other driver caused the accident through their negligence. If your intention is to sue Uber directly, you’ll need to demonstrate that the company showed negligence. You’ll need extensive evidence to support this claim.

This is something you should discuss with your attorney before moving forward. You should have a number of legal options available to you. We will guide you through this situation and work to achieve the best possible outcome for you.

Get the Help You Need from Our Las Vegas Uber Accident Lawyers

If you were involved in a car wreck that involved an Uber vehicle, you should call McDonald Worley right away. Uber has demonstrated that they will take an aggressive stance against claims filed. If you want to go up against them, you’ll need assistance from experts. Reach out to our Las Vegas injury lawyers so that we’ll be able to help you through each step of this process.


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