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Car Crash Injuries

Unexpected Medical Expenses From Crash Injuries During Stay-At-Home Orders

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Los Angeles has certainly seen substantial changes since Governor Gavin Newsome implemented the stay-at-home order. Not only have the freeway and surface streets of LA cleared out, but the general finding is that speeding and high-risk driving are up. Why? Californian’s are often stuck in gridlock. Especially throughout LA, where…

In-Car Tools

How to Use In-Car Tools to Avoid Accidents

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In-car tools are changing the game for drivers, and while you may have seen the videos of people snoozing behind the wheel in a Tesla, we’re talking about slightly lower-tech tools. As vehicles and their manufacturers continue to advance to match pace with our technological advancements, you can be sure…

Auto Insurance Claim

Is it a Good Idea to Negotiate Your Auto Insurance Claim Yourself?

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If you get into a car accident in Houston – any kind of accident – you’re going to need to file an auto insurance claim. If the crash wasn’t your fault, you’ll be filing the claim against the other driver’s policy. Most of the time, if the accident is clear-cut,…

Rear End Car Accident

Can a Rear-End Accident Really Be Deadly?

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Usually, when we talk about rear-end accidents, we refer to them as being minor. Maybe you’re stopped in traffic and someone bumps into the back of your car. Or, you’re stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and you get hit from behind. When you’re not driving all that fast, these…

Five Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

Five Questions to Ask Your Personal Injury Attorney

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Hiring a personal injury attorney for any variety of issues can come with some concerns. It’s not always the same as handling a car insurance case where there’s a typically straightforward process. Personal injury can include anything from dog bites to medical malpractice and even abuse. What you need before…

Can You Change Attorneys in Your Case?

Can You Change Attorneys in Your Case?

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The short answer is yes that you can change attorneys in the middle of your case as long as you’re not stuck in a contract. Most attorneys do not “lock” their clients into contracts that prohibit them from leaving. Instead, what often happens is that the attorneys involved will try…

Is a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston Right for a Birth Injury Case?

Is a Personal Injury Attorney in Houston Right for a Birth Injury Case?

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Birth injuries are devastating to new and experienced parents. To learn that seconds or minutes after birth that their child may experience life-changing injuries is heartbreaking. But it can also cause financial stress on the family. A family may not have prepared for taking home a baby with medical needs…

Houston Car Crash Attorney

Assault at a Car Accident Scene

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In 2020 you’d imagine that there are more important things going on than getting so upset over a wreck or traffic issue that it would lead to assault. However, that’s exactly what happens, and it happens more often than many people care to acknowledge. If you’ve been involved in an…

Angry Driver

How to Handle an Angry Driver

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When you think about it, you’ve probably never been so angry behind the wheel that you would drive someone off the road. You’ve probably also never considered pulling out a weapon and threatening another driver after an accident. After all, accidents happen, and while we use a fault system, the…

Lawyer telling his client what to do after car accident where it wasn't his fault

Steps to Take After a Wreck When You Know it Wasn’t Your Fault

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Car wrecks are often issues that lead or pander if it was or wasn’t their fault so a dedicated Houston car wreck attorney can help immensely. While the insurance industry has made a killing with car wrecks and drivers blaming each other, the more present issue is that many people…

Lawyer helping a client settle a whiplash case

How Long Does It Take To Settle A Whiplash Case?

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There are a few key aspects of a case that can impact how long it takes to close. First is the statute of limitations, which is the time frame the victim has to initiate their claim. Second is the duration of your medical recovery. Finally, consider the time it takes…

Product Liability Cases

What are the Different Types of Product Liability Cases?

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With recent attention on companies that have failed consumers, the question of product liability has become quite popular. There are, many different types of product liability cases. It’s clear that these cases are not remotely similar, and not all set to any time frame. Explore these different types of product…

Dangerous Cars

What are Some of the Most Dangerous Cars on the Market?

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You hear about cars blowing up, bursting into flames, stalling on high-speed freeways, and worse. These situations can all lead to death, but are these the most dangerous or deadly cars? You might even have a few manufacturers in mind that seem to either attract terrible drivers or bring on…

Attorney explaining why the client needs a lawyer even if you have a small case

Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney if I Have a Small Case?

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Most people resolve their car accidents without anyone having to plan out their arguments or manage their insurance claim, right? Not quite. Many people turn to car accident attorneys in Houston for resolving these cases for various reasons even if you think you have a small case. These claims don’t…

houston manufacturing facility explosion

Explosion at Houston Manufacturing Facility Rocks Residents

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In the early morning hours of Friday, 1/24/20, an enormous explosion at Watson Grinding and Manufacturing, located at 4525 Gessner Rd. in northwest Houston left two people dead and a debris field a potential mile wide. The force of the explosion shattered glass, smashed garage doors, collapsed ceilings and pushed…