Dangerous Toxin Exposure

Did you or a loved one suffer an injury caused by exposure to a dangerous toxin?

Toxic Tort is a personal injury or property damage caused by chemical exposure, pollution, or toxin exposure. So, if you fell ill after exposure to dangerous substances, share what happened to you with our toxin exposure attorneys today to learn your legal options.

Examples of a toxic exposure requiring an industrial personal injury lawyer include:

  • Train derailment where toxic chemicals spill and the toxic fumes spread out over the surrounding neighborhood, causing respiratory problems.
  • Handling pesticides on a continuous basis over many years wherein the toxicity of the chemicals is previously unknown.
  • Breathing highly polluted air over long periods of time, which leads to respiratory problems.
  • Groundwater or soil contamination caused by chemical and waste dumping.

Due to the growth of industry and an increase in the use of chemicals, the number of dangerous or toxic substances in our environment has grown considerably.

Above all, McDonald Worley is committed to protecting the health and welfare of those who have been exposed to toxic substances found in their homes or places of work, in groundwater or their local environment. We have represented numerous clients in their toxic exposure lawsuits.


Many of the effects of toxic exposure are permanent, and often victims are not aware that the medical problems they have are directly related to something dangerous in their environment. So, you may not fall ill until long after the incident, or you may develop health problems and not suspect the relationship.

Our law firm is experienced with the toxic exposure lawsuits and can help you put the pieces together, and together we can help hold those responsible accountable for the injuries you have suffered.


A plaintiff who proves that he or she was exposed to a toxic substance due to the negligence of another person or company is entitled to compensation for all of the consequences related to the exposure event, including:

  • Abatement of the toxic substance
  • The cost of past and future medical care
  • The cost of necessary rehabilitation
  • Loss of past and future wages
  • Loss of earning capacity and related fringe benefits
  • Pain and suffering associated with the exposure

Of course, McDonald Worley consults with experts in the fields of medicine, industrial hygiene, epidemiology, the environment, rehabilitation, economics and psychology to help determine the cause and long-term effect of injuries from toxins.

Our industrial exposure attorneys will be able to clearly lay out your legal options and fight for compensation and rapid recovery provided by the law to help you rebuild your life. Our legal team will help build your case and ensure the complex issues become simple to the court when it matters most for your future.

Some of the toxic substances and related injuries are:

  • Asbestos Exposure
  • Lead-based paint
  • Mold
  • Multiple chemical sensitivity
  • Latex glove exposure
  • Ground water contamination
  • Benzene

Toxic tort lawsuits are filed against a variety of industrial companies, including a company that polluted groundwater by dumping chemicals into its source, asbestos makers/users, a landlord who failed to properly ensure that his property was free from mold or lead paint, or the maker of a drug that is dangerous.


So, if you have an injury because of exposure to toxic chemicals, you should share what happened with our attorneys. The statute of limitations for filing such lawsuits is typically two to three years, so don’t delay.

However, if the injury didn’t show up right away, several states have a “discovery rule”. The statute of limitations period doesn’t begin until after discovery of the injury..

We will review your case, you are under no obligation, and it’s absolutely free. If you choose to pursue your legal options, you pay nothing out of pocket. Our law firm works on a contingency basis. So, if we don’t win your case, you don’t pay anything.


Unless we win!

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