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What to Do if Your Child is Hurt in a School Bus Accident

What to do if your child is hurt in a school bus accident

Our main concern is the safety of our children. When we have kids in the car with us, we tend to drive a little slower. We stop at street lights a little longer. We do whatever we can think of to get them home safely. It’s hard for us to trust other people driving our…

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What is a Minor Traumatic Brain Injury?

What is a minor traumatic brain injury

When you’ve been involved in a slip and fall or a car accident, you will probably suffer a head injury of some sort. One of the more common (and more dangerous) types of head injuries is a traumatic brain injury. These injuries are typically caused by a severe blow to the head. Some traumatic brain…

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Child Injuries Caused by Malfunctioning Toys

Injuries Caused by Malfunctioning Toy

Thousands of children get injuries every year from a malfunctioning toy. For years, manufacturers make sure that the products they put on the market are safe for children. However, mistakes are possible. And, unfortunately, some companies aren’t as concerned with child safety as they are with making a profit. Personal injury attorneys in Texas handle…

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Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Houston

Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Houston, TX

A traumatic brain injury can lead to agonizing symptoms and lasting health problems. Although it’s easy to depict such injuries as occurring after a fall, there are other causes of traumatic brain injuries. What makes these brain injuries complicated, moreover, is that the symptoms may start to appear later then sooner. Despite the nature and…

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Additional Hernia Surgery Leads to Atrium Lawsuit

The unexpected need for additional hernia surgery has prompted a Vermont woman to file a lawsuit against Atrium, the maker of the C-QUR hernia mesh implant. Hernia mesh implants have been targeted in numerous adverse event reports filed with the FDA, claiming severe pain and side effects like the need for additional hernia surgery. According to the…

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Study: Opioid Prescriptions Most Likely Come From Medical Offices

blood thinner bellwether trial moves forward despite objections

The drug crisis around the United States has prompted researchers to look into where most opioid prescriptions come from. Many people have theorized that emergency rooms are the leading pipeline of these dangerous prescriptions that may ultimately cause addiction. However, a new study completed by the University of Southern California identified that opioid prescriptions don’t often…

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First Philadelphia Trial Leads to $28M Award

An Indiana couple won a lawsuit in the beginning of December 2017. The couple argues that severe injuries on the part of the drug could have been avoided if the patient was aware of the risks prior to filling the prescription. Manufacturers Johnson & Johnson and Bayer AG were ordered to pay $27.8 million in…

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Risperdal Problems May be Severe

The number of patients alleging Risperdal problems is growing, and many of them are choosing to hold the manufacturers responsible by filing defective drug lawsuits. Many male patients unexpectedly experienced gynecomastia, or the development of female breasts, but a broad range of serious side effects may affect all users. Risperdal is a common antipsychotic drug usually…

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IVC Filter Bellwether Trial Headed to Court in March 2018

What is considered an IVC filter bellwether trial is headed to court in March 2018. This is the first IVC filter bellwether trial that may set the tone for future lawsuits filed on behalf of injured plaintiffs who argue that the manufacturers of these IVC filters are responsible for the injuries sustained. Thousands of IVC…

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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Blames Maker for Dangerous Product

hernia mesh removal lawsuit filed in Texas

A new hernia mesh lawsuit argues that a victim suffered unnecessary injuries as a result of a defective product. This is an MDL case that involves numerous plaintiffs who argue that a defective hernia mesh product caused them severe damage. The plaintiffs in the hernia mesh lawsuit include men and women who received the Atrium…

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