3 Tips for Hiring a Workplace Injury Attorney in Houston, TX

Recent statistics reveal there are 2.6 million nonfatal accidents and injuries in the workplace annually. When you sustain an injury at work, you deserve compensation to cover expenses and make you whole. It can be challenging to get what you are owed without help.

Employers and insurance companies may look to avoid responsibility. If this happens, you need a workplace injury attorney to defend your rights. However, don’t rely on any Houston injury lawyer to maximize compensation and get your expected results.

There is a personal injury perfect for you. Here is how you can find them.

1. Research Workplace Injury Attorneys Online

You want an injury attorney with a license. Every state has a local bar association and a registry of attorneys in their databases. Houston injury lawyers must be in good standing with the state of Texas.

When hiring an injury lawyer, check with the Texas Bar Association for disciplinary measures or sanctions.

2. Transparency About Fees

Injury attorneys often help clients on a contingency fee basis. Not only does it help take care of the legal fees you only owe if you win your case, but it ensures that the injury lawyer is invested in your matter. They want to win with the highest dollar amount because they are financially motivated.

All the details should be in the agreement, including what the rate for the contingency will be. Understanding the deduction you will see from the final payment is essential so you know what to expect.

Another item to be clear about is potential office expenses and court fees. This may fall outside of the contingency fee. Even if they seem nominal, clarify this before you sign a contract.

3. Ask About Proven Results

While you may want to hear that an injury attorney wins 100% of the time, there is more granular information to consider. Does the attorney have experience in worker compensation claims?

Another item is their negotiation skills. While injury lawyers may win all their court cases, you want to know how often they end up in court. You will likely receive compensation faster if you can avoid court.

Even more important is that you ask if the lawyer specializes in workplace injuries. There are many types of injuries, and you want a workplace injury attorney. The more closely you align with their experience, the more you can utilize their expertise.

Go With Your Gut

While many questions exist, you also want to choose someone you are comfortable with. Follow these brilliant tips, but don’t forget to schedule a face-to-face meeting. A free consultation will give you a sense of whether the attorney is the one for you.

Workplace Injury Attorney

There are a number of Houston injury lawyers, but you need the best. Don’t settle for any workplace injury attorney, so you don’t have to settle for any amount of compensation.

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