Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing Home Abuse Settlement Basics

nursing home abuse in texas on the rise

Although the facts of any individual case will determine what happens in a nursing home abuse settlement, a consultation with an attorney at the outset of a case can help give a better perspective of what to anticipate. A nursing home abuse settlement may include damage payments for injuries sustained by a patient who was…

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Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit Alleges Boomerang Hospitalization

Government representatives working with Medicare are currently exploring the problems with boomerang hospitalizations for nursing home patients. Failing to give appropriate care to a nursing home patient could lead to a nursing home neglect lawsuit. One out of every five Medicare patients that are sent from the hospital to a nursing home end up back…

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Your Guide to Filing a Nursing Home Lawsuit

If you believe that a loved one has been neglected or abused inside a facility that you so lovingly chose for them, you may need to file a nursing home lawsuit. A nursing home lawsuit may initially seem overwhelming, particularly as you are learning cope with these serious side effects with your loved one. If…

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Appeals Court Revives Texas Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

An appeals court has revived a Texas nursing home abuse lawsuit. The lawsuit was filed against a nursing home after an allegation that inappropriate care led to a man’s bed sore injuries developing into a fatal and irreversible infection. A lower court determined that an expert’s report was deficient and the appeals court disagreed with…

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Elder Abuse Lawsuit Says Caretakers Stole $1.4M

An elder abuse lawsuit says that the caretakers responsible for assisting a dementia patient stole $1.4 million and failed to share news about her death with her family. The lawsuit points to money being transferred in a scheme that began as soon as the patient in question was diagnosed with dementia and began a mental…

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Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Says Evidence Caught on Camera

A Michigan nursing home abuse lawsuit was met with heavy resistance on the part of the defendants until abuse instances were revealed on camera. An elderly resident who was captured on camera suffering abuse at a nursing home in Detroit suffered injuries and this prompted his family to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit, accusing…

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Florida Hurricane Deaths Spark New Nursing Home Abuse Laws

Issues of nursing home neglect and abuse have become increasingly important throughout many states around the country. In the wake of natural disasters, the dangerous conditions at many nursing homes have been raised as a form of alleged nursing home abuse. Florida nursing homes must now meet temperature requirements as a result of a dozen…

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Nursing Home Report Shows Serious Problems in Minnesota

A new nursing home report indicates that Minnesota facilities are failing to appropriately protect their residents. As explained in the nursing home report, many of the facilities fall short on expectations of residents and family members themselves. A Minnesota state agency that was tasked with completing the nursing home report identified that nursing home neglect…

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