Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit Says Evidence Caught on Camera

A Michigan nursing home abuse lawsuit was met with heavy resistance on the part of the defendants until abuse instances were revealed on camera. An elderly resident who was captured on camera suffering abuse at a nursing home in Detroit suffered injuries and this prompted his family to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit, accusing the facility of being responsible for allowing this to happen.

Family members who reviewed the footage and approached the facility about it later opted to file a lawsuit because of the numerous instances of physical and verbal abuse captured over just a few days of filming.

According to the nursing home abuse lawsuit, the facility’s staff members abused an 89-year-old resident by screaming at him to shut up, insulting him and pushing him into his wheelchair.

The family members were responding to increased concerns about their loved one, as they had noticed physical and emotional issues surrounding the resident in recent weeks. The patient himself had also reported suffering abuse at the hands of staff.

The nursing home abuse lawsuit further alleges that the staff members engaged in racial slurs. Family members who ultimately filed a nursing home abuse lawsuit say that they noticed that their loved one had bruises and bumps all over his body and lost a significant amount of weight.

Furthermore, the patient himself directly told family members that he was being abused at the facility. A hidden camera was installed in the patient’s room to verify the situation and within 48 hours that this camera footage revealed more than 100 abuse related instances against the elderly resident, including aggressively moving him in and out his wheelchair and verbal assaults.

The nursing home facility was approached regarding the abuse at the end of 2015, although they were not told at that time about the possibility of video evidence. The facility later claimed that they investigated the allegations of abuse and identified no proof. That patient was then taken out of the facility.

nursing-home-injuryIn May 2016, the family reached out to the facility regarding the situation with evidence of abuse in the form of hidden footage and a lawsuit.

After that received nationwide attention in the news media, the facility said they had terminated the staff members included in the video and completed training for remaining staff.

Video footage may be the best way to carry out a nursing home abuse lawsuit when the facility claims that they are not responsible or conducted investigations and it yielded no proof.

Family members who notice sudden physical and emotional changes on the part of their loved ones may be eligible to pursue a nursing home abuse lawsuit.

If you believe you may have grounds to start such a legal claim, gather your evidence and schedule a consultation directly with the attorneys at McDonald Worley. Learn more by filling out the form on this page.

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