Florida Hurricane Deaths Spark New Nursing Home Abuse Laws

Issues of neglect and abuse have become increasingly important throughout many nursing homes around the country. In the wake of natural disasters, the dangerous conditions have been raised as a form of alleged nursing home abuse.

Florida nursing homes must now meet temperature requirements as a result of a dozen deaths following a hurricane last year. Two bills were signed into law by Florida Governor Rick Scott in an effort to minimize the risk of nursing home abuse or death in the wake of a natural disaster.

A dozen patients died after their nursing home facility lost central air-conditioning during Hurricane Irma. The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills was home to those unfortunate patient deaths. Three of those patients were found deceased in their rooms and others were hospitalized before the entire facility could be evacuated due to rising temperatures.

thermometerThe average body temperatures of the patients following that instance got up to 107.5 degrees and fire rescue personnel were unable to obtain a reading on one resident and the thermometer indicated that the temperature may have been above 108 degrees.

All 12 of those deaths were ruled as homicides and many people who are considering placing their loved one inside a nursing home will have concerns about the best way to protect a family member from unfortunate neglect and abuse. Nursing home conditions often come to light after a serious issue including the deaths of these patients at a Florida nursing home facility.

What is Considered Nursing Home Abuse?

Nursing home neglect and abuse can run the gamut from not giving a patient enough attention to understaffing to outright instances of physical or sexual abuse. Family members who discover that a loved one is being neglected or abused inside a nursing home may have recourse. Their first instinct may be to inform the facility about the alleged abuse and to request that it be corrected immediately.

This can be an important step in holding these facilities accountable and outlining new guidelines that can help to protect other residents from suffering a similar fate.

Unfortunately, however, in many of these situations, the nursing homes may be unlikely to change or argue that the instance in question was not their fault. Many indications of neglect are extremely difficult to notice, particularly if the loved one in question has cognitive issues and is not able to speak up for themselves.

If a family member discovers that a loved one has suffered from neglect or abuse, including being left in conditions that would be unsanitary or unsafe for anyone, this can lead to a nursing home neglect lawsuit.

Nursing home neglect and abuse lawsuits are an important way to recover compensation due to the family or the affected victim after a serious instance has occurred.

The attorneys at McDonald Worley are currently investigating claims of nursing home abuse and neglect to help those patients who may have grounds to file a lawsuit.


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