Former Model’s Family Files Wrongful Death from Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuit

A woman who served in the United States Navy and was previously a model in New York allegedly suffered fatal injuries at a nursing home when parasites ate her alive. The Georgia nursing home, which the family claims is liable in the claim for a wrongful death from nursing home abuse was home to a major scabies infection for the woman who ultimately passed away.

Unfortunately, nursing homes have been named in an increasing number of legal claims associated neglect or abuse that has led to fatalities.

Wrongful Death from Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits

A wrongful death from nursing home abuse injury attorney may be the person who helps to investigate the incident itself and to arrive at a conclusion about next steps.

According to the legal claims surrounding the wrongful death from nursing home abuse allegations, the previously vibrant woman ultimately found herself living in a nursing home and received inappropriate care that eventually led to her death.

Parasitic mites had burrowed under the skin of the patient, living inside and laying eggs across her body.

Thick crust and vesicles had formed on her skin up through the time of her death and her right hand had nearly turned black. A friend associated with the family said that the woman’s fingers were about to fall off.

In 2015, the victim of the alleged wrongful death nursing home abuse passed away at age of 93. Her family claims that is because the bacterial infection had become so severe that it seeped into her blood stream. The family came together to file a lawsuit for a wrongful death against PruittHealth.

That company owns many different nursing homes, including the one in which the patient lived in for five years until she passed away.

Other evaluations into the incident identified that this particular facility had a history of health violations, a number of scabies outbreaks in recent years and allegedly had no procedures or policies in place that could have prevented the spread of the very contagious and dangerous disease.

what are the signs of sexual abuse in nursing homesThe family members argue in their wrongful death from nursing home abuse lawsuit that the nursing home allowed the woman to die in extremely agonizing way, as the last six months of her life were spent in nearly constant pain.

Many other for-profit nursing homes have been accused of making profits their top priority while minimizing safety and appropriate care for the residents inside.

Nursing home abuse and neglect are both serious situations that may prompt family members to file a legal claim for recovery. The selection of the right nursing home is often a major decision for loved ones, and the discovery of serious issues inside the nursing home can be alarming and overwhelming.

Anyone who believes they may have grounds to file a nursing home abuse lawsuit should consult with the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley to learn more about their rights.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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