Semi-Truck Accident

Most Common Trucking Accidents Can Be Prevented

Common trucking accidents put victims, including anyone else on the road with truckers, at risk of severe injuries or even fatal medical conditions. Unfortunately, common trucking accidents can often be prevented and it is usually the victim who suffers the serious consequences of being hurt in such an accident. Common Trucking Accidents Caused by Drivers…

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2018 Road Check Program Designed for Big Rig Safety

Texas tractor trailer accident prompts lawsuit

A road check program run across previous years will be implemented again in 2018 in order to enhance big rig safety. The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance has announced their official details of the program that ran from June 5 to June 7. This three-day inspection event occurs all across the United States and inspects approximately…

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What’s Involved in a Semi Truck Lawsuit?

A semi truck lawsuit is often the only option of recourse for those victims who have been seriously injured by a negligent semi truck driver. It is important for anyone thinking about filing a semi truck lawsuit to gather as much information as possible and to present it to an attorney as soon as you…

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How to Avoid a Serious Big Rig Accident

Despite your best efforts, you still may find yourself in the midst of a big rig accident. A big rig accident can have life-altering implications and it is well worth doing everything you can to avoid the serious consequences of being hurt in such an accident. Semi truck accidents often involve catastrophic injuries from which…

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Why Are There So Many Texas Semi Truck Accidents?

18 wheeler accident

Many people are concerned about the growing number of and the persistence of Texas semi truck accidents. Texas semi truck accidents leave behind a wake of devastation in the form of serious injuries or even fatalities. Far too many Texas semi truck accidents could have been prevented by appropriate driver care and proper hiring and…

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Texas Trucking Lawsuit Blames Driver, Employer for Negligence

A Texas trucking lawsuit alleges that a female plaintiff was critically injured as a result of the behaviors carried out by The Pearl’s Trucking Inc. According to the Texas trucking lawsuit, on July 18, 2016, a driver employed by the defendant company was traveling on I-30 throughout Dallas country, Texas. The defendant’s vehicle was located…

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Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuit Says Driver Turned Unsafely

A Maryland resident recently filed a semi-truck accident lawsuit against a driver regarding an incident that occurred in Pennsylvania. The lawsuit claims that the driver of the truck made a turn when it was unsafe to do so, and as a result, put numerous others parties at risk in the resulting accident. According to the…

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J.B. Hunt Transport Faces Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuit

A semi-truck accident has prompted a seriously injured person to file a lawsuit against multiple defendants including J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. Hibbett Sporting Goods has launched this lawsuit as a result of allegedly dangerous activities carried out that led to a semi-truck accident. Multiple companies were named in the semi-truck accident lawsuit including Rhino Services…

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Head-on Accident with a Semi-Truck Leads to Severe Injuries

Severe injuries after UPS semi-truck accident

A trial is currently underway in a California state court, after a head-on accident with a semi-truck led to catastrophic consequences. According to a lawsuit filed by those injured in the head-on accident with a semi-truck, the motorists are owed millions because of the severe and continuing medical conditions associated with the crash. The head-on…

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