Steps to Take After Being Injured in a Truck Accident in Los Angeles

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Even though we see many 18-wheelers on the roadway on a daily basis, many people never think they’ll be involved in an accident with one. Regardless though, countless motorists have had dangerous encounters with large vehicles throughout the country. An accident with an 18-wheeler can be absolutely catastrophic, and the effects are usually long-lasting. In addition to these vehicles being extremely large, they weigh as much as 30 times more than other vehicles on the roadway. With this amount of size and power, they can easily sweep other vehicles off the roadway leading to death and destruction.

It’s not surprising that a large truck cannot stop as fast as other vehicles, so truck drivers are not able to react as quickly as a typical car can. It’s also not surprising that commercial truck accidents have a higher chance of being fatal.. However, when looking at the numbers, things can get rather surprising. It is estimated that 11% of all fatal automobile accidents involve large commercial trucks. Additionally, 97% of the individuals who perish in these tragic accidents were in the smaller vehicle. 

What Are the Most Typical Causes of Truck Accidents?

While there is no single aspect that leads to 18-wheeler accidents, one common element is truck drivers being pushed too long and too hard. Unfortunately, many truck drivers are forced to continue driving while exhausted, overlook regular maintenance, and do not properly care for their trailers, which all may lead to accidents.

Other typical reasons for truck accidents may include driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol, distracted driving, severe weather conditions, and inexperience or poor training.

What to Do if You Have Been Involved in an 18-Wheeler Accident

Every situation is going to be different. But there are some basic elements you should know if you have been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler: 

– Ensure your safety first as well as that of your family and any other vehicle occupants. If anyone on the scene has suffered an injury, medical attention should be a priority. Ensure that an ambulance takes any injured individuals to the emergency room for proper treatment and scans. As soon as an 18-wheeler accident has occurred, always call 911 immediately and seek out medical attention until all injuries can be validated and treated. 

– Get all of the details from the truck driver as well as the trucking company. 

– Ensure that you have a copy of the truck driver’s license number, vehicle registration, and insurance information. 

– Exchange essential information with anyone who witnessed the accident and record their account of the accident if they permit it. Take photographic and video evidence of the accident scene as well as all vehicles involved. This form of evidence is vital as the trucking company and their insurance agent will arrive at the scene as soon as possible. If this information is not recorded quickly, witnesses are prone to forget various details. 

– If your vehicle has a dashcam installed, ensure that you make a copy of the accident footage so it does not get recorded over. 

– Never share any details of the accident with the truck company’s insurer until you have discussed the situation with your Los Angeles truck accident attorney. 

Who Can Be Held Liable?

Truck Driver

A truck driver may be held liable for an 18-wheeler accident if reckless behavior or negligence is proven. An example of this would be a truck driver who was texting or speeding while driving.

Trucking Company

The trucking company may also be held liable for an accident if it resulted from negligent acts. Additionally, trucking companies can also be held liable for an accident that was a result of improper training, inadequate supervision, or negligent hiring practices. 

Other Drivers

Other drivers that were on the road can also be held liable if their actions led to the accident. An example of the situation could be a third-party motorist that swerved recklessly in front of an 18-wheeler, causing them to lose control of their vehicle. In this case, you may qualify for a claim against that motorist.


Manufacturers that produced faulty parts can also be held responsible for truck accidents. An example of this would be a trucking company that received a defective tire. In this type of situation, the company that either sold or manufactured the tire could be held liable. However, trying to prove that the manufacturer was responsible can be difficult. In this type of situation, having a professional Los Angeles truck accident attorney at your side will be beneficial. 

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