Semi-Truck Wreck Lawsuit Concludes with Multi-Million Dollar Award

A semi-truck lawsuit recently ended with a jury giving more than $101 million to a man who suffered in a 2013 crash. Filing a semi-truck lawsuit might be the only grounds for recovery for someone who suffers in a devastating accident or family members who have lost a loved one because of allegedly illegal or dangerous behavior.

Semi-Truck Wreck Lawsuit Ends After Man Alleges Serious Injuries

The man initiated his semi-truck wreck lawsuit due to a 2013 crash that he says prompted him to file against a major trucking company. More than $75 million was awarded in a semi-truck wreck lawsuit for the man who suffered in that 2013 crash. The semi-truck wreck lawsuit was filed against FTS International Manufacturing, in addition to one of their previous drivers.

According to the semi-truck wreck lawsuit, the driver was operating a semi-truck at the time of the crash when that driver rear-ended the plaintiff in the lawsuit. The semi-truck wreck lawsuit paperwork indicated that drug tests carried out by FTS International, identified that the driver was under the influence of marijuana and methamphetamines at the time of the crash.

The semi-truck wreck lawsuit filed by the plaintiff argued that the individual driver as well as the employer company were negligent due to the fact that the company failed to follow-up on their own protocol for hiring and maintaining the employment of someone who posed significant risks on the road. The unanimous verdict in the semi-truck wreck lawsuit came down from the jury after it determined that the driver was 70% liable for the crash and that his employer company, FTS International, was 30% liable.

In cases involving semi-truck accidents, it’s common for an accident investigation to reveal that more than one party is responsible for the injuries caused by the wreck itself. This is one complicating factor in many truck lawsuits.

The plaintiff was set to receive $50,000 from the driver and $75 million from FTS International, although it is expected that the results of the semi-truck wreck lawsuit will be appealed by the defendants. A semi-truck wreck lawsuit could be the only opportunity for an injured party to recover compensation and to be able to pay their medical bills.

Often, extensive medical treatments and rehabilitation is required for those patients hurt in a semi-truck wreck. The size and weight of a semi-truck, particularly when extenuating circumstance such as driving under the influence or excessive speed are involved in the accident, can be significant. In many of the cases that lead to a semi-truck wreck lawsuit, it is the people in other cars who are significantly injured or killed following a semi-truck crash in comparison with the severity of the injuries sustained by the driver.

A person who is hurt in a semi-truck accident needs to ensure they have a lawyer carry out a proper investigation immediately after the accident directly because it could be determined that multiple parties including the driver and his or her employer company are responsible for the injuries sustained.

 Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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