I Was Injured in a Truck Accident, What Should I Do?

Truck accidents involving a large commercial truck or any other large industrial vehicle can result in serious injuries or even death. The reason these accidents are more serious than accidents involving other vehicles is mainly because of the size and weight of trucks. If you are involved in a truck accident, it is good to look for experienced truck accident attorneys in New York as soon as possible.

At the Scene of the Accident

Truck accidents create confusing and chaotic scenes especially for those involved. Don’t leave the accident scene following a truck accident. Instead, stay at the scene of the accident until authorities such as police authorize you to leave. Leaving the scene of an accident without reporting it is a criminal offense.

If you are injured, don’t move from the vehicle as moving before first responders arrive at the scene can worsen your injuries. If someone involved in the accident is experiencing pain in the back or neck or unconscious, do not move him or her. First responders will be the ones to do move that person. You can only move such a person if you believe that there is an imminent threat that requires moving them.

If you aren’t injured, move your car to a safe spot and check if anyone is hurt, then call 911 for police and medical assistance. The 911 dispatcher will tell you whether or not a police officer should be at the scene of the collision to file an accident report.

Gather Important Information

It is a good idea to exchange information with other parties involved in the truck accident so that you can gather important information. Write the information down or use the mobile app of your insurance company to do so.

The things you should find out include the following: Full names of the parties involved and their contact information (address, home, and cell phone numbers and email address) and the name, policy number and phone number of all the insurance providers that cover the drivers involved in the truck accident. It is also important to obtain details of the owner of the truck and the driver’s employer because they are not always the same entity.

Also, remember to note where the truck accident occurred. If emergency services respond, document the police report number, phone number, the name of the officers, and badge number. Doing so will help your attorney get the documentation and evidence about the truck accident after the scene has been cleared.

Take Pictures

Taking pictures of your vehicle from different angles and the physical location of each of the vehicles involved will help you document the truck accident thoroughly. That is why you should consider using your cell phone to take pictures following an accident.  Photos are important as they will help your insurance adjuster determine the amount you should receive for the damage to your vehicle. They can also help you in court in case you file a personal injury case. Pictures of your vehicle before the truck accident will also help as they will help you show the extent of vehicle damage as a result of the accident.

Talk to Witnesses

Write the names and contact information of any witnesses (address, telephone number, and email address). Witnesses are important as they can support your version of events if there is a dispute over who is at fault for the accident. Witnesses are those who witnessed your accident and can be passengers or drivers in vehicles not involved in the accident, bystanders, pedestrians, business owners, or nearby residents.

Document Your Medical Treatment

When you seek treatment following the accident, note the names, dates, and specialties of doctors, chiropractors, or specialized medical practitioners who treat your injuries. You should also record any medications or treatments you get. Also, keep copies of all medical reports and medical bills as it will help you prove your medical costs later on.

While it is easy to record medical expenses, it is not easy to depict pain and suffering to a jury or judge. As such, it is good to keep a diary of how the injuries you sustained have affected your everyday life. List any physical activities that you can no longer perform because of the injuries you sustained and any missed workdays.

Get a Property Damage Valuation

The insurance provider will send someone to inspect your vehicle and write up a damage valuation. If you are not satisfied with the assessment done by the assessment of vehicle damages carried out by the insurance company, look for one or 2 independent estimates from repair shops or quotes for vehicle replacement.

Tell the insurance company that you are not satisfied with their assessment. If you cannot agree with the insurance adjuster about the value of your vehicle, contact an experienced and skilled New York accident lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer will represent your interests with the insurance company of the commercial trucking company as the lawyer knows what legal rights you have.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in a truck accident, the experienced New York truck accident attorneys at McDonald Worley are here for you. Having a lawyer on your side will ensure you get fair compensation for your injuries. Contact our New York injury law firm today and schedule a free case review.


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