Trucking Accident Settlement Leads to $90M Award to Family

A recent trucking accident settlement led to a $90 million award given to a family in a trucking death case.

A Houston jury gave the massive award to the family members who lost a loved one.

Werner Enterprises Inc. has now been hit with a $90 million verdict as a result of claims that the trucking company was responsible for a 2014 accident that paralyzed a 12-year-old and killed a 7-year-old.

More than $89.5 million in damages for physical pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and mental anguish was awarded to the family in Houston.

Family members who must find a way to move on after the devastating loss of a loved one might file a lawsuit with the goal of receiving a trucking accident settlement or award in litigation.

The young boy who died in the crash and the young girl who was left quadriplegic by the tucking accident led to the lawsuit being filed by the surviving family members.

The truck accident settlement paperwork says that the young girl will require 24-hour care services for the remainder of her life..

The trucking accident settlement was drawn from the claim based on a 2014 accident on Interstate Highway 20.

The family members who received the trucking accident settlement say that the student driver from the company was driving at a speed of 60 mph during extremely icy conditions.

The lawsuit alleges that the collision was caused by careless consideration on the part of the truck driver for the black ice and freezing rain on the road that day.

The family members say that the truck driver should have adjusted the speed in order to account for the inclement weather.

The lawyer representing the family who received the trucking accident settlement stated that this should also serve as a reminder for the company involved about the importance of safety standards and training drivers to be prepared for adverse weather conditions.

commercial-truck-accidentsThe company responsible for paying out the settlement however, alleges that their company and the drivers did not cause this accident and intend to appeal the lawsuit.

Those individuals who have lost a loved one might have no other opportunity to recover compensation and put this devastating incident behind them without filing a trucking accident lawsuit.

A lawsuit could be the only recourse for family members to hold the truck driver or trucking company responsible.

Many of these kinds of cases can be resolved outside of court in settlement negotiations, allowing for a swift resolution to a painful case.

No family should have to cope with the grief following a preventable trucking accident, but when one does happen, legal counsel is strongly recommended.

The Trucking Accident Lawsuit is Case No. 2015-36666, in the 127th District Court of Harris County, Texas.

If you’ve been injured in a trucking accident, the attorneys at McDonald Worley offer a free case review. Call today.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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