Medical Device Injury

California Man Files Hernia Mesh Failure Lawsuit

A California man has filed a hernia mesh failure lawsuit alleging that the makers of the popular hernia mesh product have a defective medical device on the market that puts patients at risk. According to the hernia mesh failure lawsuit filed by William K., the surgical implantation of an allegedly defective Ventralex ST mesh product,…

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Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit Stands with $3.6M Jury Award

the IVC filter market continues to grow despite complications

A Bard IVC filter lawsuit has concluded with Bard being blocked from getting a new trial after a $3.6 million jury verdict came down. This verdict awarded in the Bard IVC filter lawsuit was handed down after a multidistrict litigation test trial regarding the safety of vein filters that are designed to capture blood clots…

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Hernia Mesh Removal Guidelines Created for Patients

In a new hernia mesh removal lawsuit, information came out that saving the physiomesh for the trial could affect hundreds of people who are currently suing Ethicon over the physiomesh product. Hernia mesh removal is one common side effect of receiving the implant to begin with. A Georgia court issued an order at the end…

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Hernia Mesh Side Effects Lawsuit Filed Over Severe Injuries

A hernia mesh side effects lawsuit has been lodged by a patient who claims that defects and complications with the device led to serious problems, side effects and unnecessary pain. Gore hernia mesh and Covidien Parietex caused injuries and a cancer scare, according to the hernia mesh side effects lawsuit. Gore Micromesh and Covidien Parietex…

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IVC Filter Award Tops $1 Million

An IVC filter award handed down by a jury includes $1.2 million to those who suffered perforated veins as a result of the allegedly defective filter. A Texas jury handed down the $1.2 million IVC filter award after a Houston firefighter alleged that his Cook Incorporated vein filter perforated his body tissue. He claims that Cook…

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New Guidelines Released for Removing Hernia Mesh

Removing hernia mesh may be an issue that you discussed with your doctor after having the hernia mesh implanted and discovering that it may cause serious injuries. In the Ethicon Physiomesh MDL, guidelines have recently come down for discussions about removing hernia mesh. Removing hernia mesh may need to occur when patients begin to experience complications…

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Hernia Mesh Lawsuits May Be Consolidated Soon

More than 60 hernia mesh lawsuits may be consolidated together after a current request that the New Jersey High Court has asked for. The different hernia mesh lawsuits allege very similar claims, including that the hernia mesh products were defective and led to serious injuries by patients. The hernia mesh lawsuits may be consolidated because of the large…

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IVC Filter Trial Outcome Includes $3.6M Award

An IVC filter trial against C.R. Bard, a popular manufacturer of the IVC device, has led to a claim that the manufacturer of the device owes more than $3.6 million to an injured party. A federal jury in Phoenix involved in the IVC filter trial gave $2 million in punitive damage costs and $2 million in compensatory…

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Study: IVC Filter Fracture May Be Common Side Effect

A new IVC filter fracture report identifies that there is a high risk of strut embolism. Inferior vena cava filter fractures have been reported by patients around the United States and a new report reveals that the risk of IVC filter fracture is high. The case study identifies one female patient who suffered from an…

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