Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit Testimony: Company Knew About Defects

Many plaintiffs have filed Bard IVC filter lawsuits after suffering devastating injuries following the implantation of this medical device. According to testimony and arguments made in a recent Bard IVC filter lawsuit, the company rushed these defective devices to market despite the fact that they presented serious dangers.

This was as told to a New Jersey jury during closing arguments in a recent lawsuit. The company responded by saying that there was not enough evidence that the devices did indeed harm the woman.

The woman came forward to file a lawsuit in an effort to hold the company accountable for an allegedly defective device. This device and others like it have been front and center in many lawsuits recently.

When a company is accused of failing to do the right testing or of knowing about a dangerous side effect and not disclosing it to the public or medical community, this can lead to a lawsuit if patients are injured. Without knowledge of the risk itself, the patient might not know the side effects to be aware of and this could lead to unnecessary pain.

The plaintiff says that the devices were very unsafe for use with patients and that the company was responsible for failing to warn about the potential risks, ultimately leading to debilitating pain for that plaintiff and many others.

marlex-meshThe Bard IVC filter lawsuit plaintiff and her legal representation claimed that Bard saw plenty of red flags throughout the development and testing process but pushed these devices onto the market anyways.

Allegedly, internal emails and documents revealed that the company was engaged in unsafe design process.

The company is also accused of not doing the clinical trials on particular models using live patients that would have shown its issues prior to coming to market.

The Bard IVC filter lawsuit plaintiff says that this fail to conduct a proper clinical study over time should be held against the defendants as such a process would have shown that the risks of the device far outweighed the benefits. The 2011 Bard IVC filter lawsuit related to implantation that occurred in March 2009.

Although the defendants claim that this particular lawsuit did not illustrate that the pain suffered by the plaintiff was not directly tied to the use of the IVC filter, many other plaintiffs and consumers have come forward to share their own concerns about pain suffered following the implantation of such a device.

The Bard IVC Filter Lawsuit is Case No. L-17543-14, in the Superior Court of New Jersey County of Bergen.

If you believe you have grounds to file a Bard IVC filter lawsuit, schedule a consultation with the attorneys at McDonald Worley today.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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