Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit Alleges Serious Injuries

An Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit has been filed in New Jersey, accusing the manufacturers of making a defective and dangerous device. The Physiomesh’s flexible composite mesh was allegedly used to treat umbilical hernia for the plaintiff, an individual who suffered serious injuries.

The defendants, Ethicon and Johnson & Johnson, allegedly created, manufactured and supplied multi-layer hernia mesh, including the device named in the Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit.

The Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit says that the manufacturers knew or should have known about the serious dangers and failed to warn patients or the medical community about the problems.

The unreasonable risk of valve complications, hernia recurrence, pain, adhesion formation, infection, seroma formation and mesh shrinkage, all could lead to a pronounced inflammatory response inside a patient’s body, particularly as materials inside degraded.

The implantation and the selection of the Ethicon Physiomesh were a result of misinformation and direction by the defendants, according to the Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit. The plaintiff who filed the Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit lives in New York and underwent a hernia repair surgery in June 2015.

The surgeon, medical staff, and other health care providers at the time believed that the Ethicon Physiomesh matter exceeded the current standard of care associated with hernia surgery.

side-effectsHowever, as with many other patients who have come forward to file a lawsuit after serious injuries, the Ethicon Physiomesh has been associated with negative side effects.

Those side effects may lead to a number of different medical conditions and even the possibility for revision surgery which carries its own set of unique risks.

According to the Ethicon Physiomesh lawsuit, the defendants are responsible for monitoring and reporting adverse events associated with the multi-layered hernia mesh, and having a key role in the decision process associated with what will happen after these adverse events.

Numerous problems have been shared by patients and the medical community about how this hernia mesh is incorporated into the body over time. Many of these patients ultimately have the hernia mesh removed after reporting pain, but when it becomes adhered to nearby areas, it can be difficult or impossible for surgeons to remove it safely.

Many different patients have come forward to express their concerns about the dangers of Ethicon Physiomesh and similar products, after they have suffered devastating side effects and struggled to move on with their lives.

The discovery of this surgical repair device’s connection to painful and long-term side effects is likely to prompt a lawsuit if the patient has to undergo revision surgery or cope with other severe side effects.

The manufacturer has been named in numerous lawsuits from patients all over the country who have experienced similar issues.

The Ethicon Physiomesh Lawsuit is Case No. BER-L-003014-18, in the Superior Court of New Jersey Law Division, Bergen County.

A patient who discovers a defective medical device may be eligible to recover compensation with the help of an experienced attorney. The lawyers at McDonald Worley are available to help those patients who have been critically injured in these situations.Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit. 


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