Study: IVC Filter Fracture May Be Common Side Effect

A new IVC filter fracture report identifies that there is a high risk of strut embolism. Inferior vena cava filter fractures have been reported by patients around the United States and a new report reveals that the risk of IVC filter fracture is high.

The case study identifies one female patient who suffered from an embolism and eventually was forced to leave the implant’s broken pieces inside the patient’s body.

These pieces could contribute to a high risk of life-threatening side effects at any point in time.

The number of patients who have come forward to report claims of IVC filter fractures has risen in recent years followed by associated lawsuits.

Report Shows Possibility of IVC Filter Fracture

The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported the problems suffered by a 28-year-old patient at Massachusetts General Hospital who was admitted to the emergency room after complaining of serious pain.

She was connected with a diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis and the doctors identified that in her medical history she had sustained a pulmonary embolism a decade before. Due to that event, she received an IVC filter.

The spider-like tiny devices are implanted into patients who are at a high risk of a pulmonary embolism. Unfortunately, however, the rate of IVC filter fracture has grown in recent years with many patients experiencing serious side effects after the device has been implanted.

The purpose of the IVC filter is to capture blood clots which can break apart and move elsewhere in the body and to stop them from getting to the lungs.

However, many injuries have been associated with these devices, including IVC filter fracture. One of the primary problems reported by patients who had received this device is that these were supposed to be retrieved once the risk of a blood clot had passed but many patients have had difficulty having these removed.

doctors-operatingWhen the IVC filter is left inside a patient’s body for a long period of time, it may be difficult or impossible for physicians to remove it after the fact, if it has indeed fragmented.

If you have been affected by this issue, you may be eligible to participate in a lawsuit.

In the case highlighted in the IVC filter fracture report, a CT scan of the patient’s abdomen revealed that the filter broke apart and perforated her vena cava in numerous locations.

These caused embolisms upon fracturing and posed a life-threatening risk. The pain the patient reported improved only with supportive care offered by the medical professionals prior to the filter being retrieved, but due to the dangerous positioning of the IVC filter fracture fragmented pieces, it was not possible to remove everything.

This can happen when the device breaks down in fragments throughout a patient’s body.

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