Car Accidents

Top 5 Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Top 5 causes of motorcycle accidents

Some of the most dangerous types of accidents are motorcycle accidents. This is because motorcycle riders have nothing standing between them and the road. Even in a minor accident, the rider can suffer pretty serious injuries. Also, because motorcycles tend to drive pretty fast, they are usually at a high rate of speed at the…

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What to Do if the Police Accident Report is Wrong

What to do if police report is wrong

Any car accident attorney worth his salt says to always call the police is involved in a car accident. If you don’t call the police, you don’t get a police report. Sometimes, drivers will agree to just exchange insurance information and walk away. This is never smart. There are too many important reasons for you…

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Common Mistakes People Make When Handling Their Own Case

Common mistakes people make who handle their own case

Car accident lawyers spend years learning the law in Texas. They go to school for quite some time and they watch other lawyers in action so they can learn the tricks of the trade. They spend years, even decades, developing relationships with other attorneys and they even get to know the people who work in…

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Reasons to Undergo Physical Therapy After a Car Accident

Physical Therapy After Car Accident

People get in car accidents every day. Most car accidents are minor. People get a few bumps and bruises and walk away. If their cars are damaged, they file a claim with the insurance company and get their car fixed. Other accidents, however, are much more serious. In serious car accidents, people suffer all sort…

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Determining Fault in a Multi-Car Accident

Determining Liability in a Multi-Car Accident

Some of the most confusing cases are multi-car accidents. When you have three or more cars involved in an accident, you’ll typically have at least three versions of what happened. Every driver has a different story. They all point the finger at someone else. Nobody ever wants to admit that they’re at fault. Part of…

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Safety Tips for Bicyclists in Houston

Bicycle Safety Tips

It is becoming more common for people to ride their bicycles to work these days. Whether it’s to lose weight or because it’s good for the environment, you may choose to ride your car to and from work rather than drive or take the bus. With the number of cars on the roads these days,…

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How is Fault Determined in a Four-Way Stop Accident in Houston?

Four-Way Stop Accident

Four-way stops are difficult for drivers to navigate even under the best of conditions. You may not know when it is your turn to go at a four-way stop, or you may go when it is another driver’s turn. In either incident, an accident can occur where someone is injured. An auto accident attorney in…

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