Texas’s At-Fault System And What It Means For Car Accident Claims in Houston

Texas is one of the major states in the U.S., with many workers, retired professionals, and immigrants across multiple cities. If you live in Houston, you might be aware of the busy roads and the possibility of traffic accidents. For those who recently moved to the state, understanding the at-fault system in Texas can help you receive compensation in the case of a motor accident. This read will provide you with the key details of the at-fault system so you can seek help from a car accident lawyer in Houston.

What Is the At-Fault System?

The state of Texas strictly follows the at-fault coverage system to compensate for the losses caused by drivers in road accidents. It means that the person responsible for the accident is also responsible for covering the damages resulting from it. The expenses of damages and injuries are typically determined by insurance companies and (if necessary) a court.

Understanding the Key Factors of the At-Fault System

Although hiring a car accident lawyer in Houston can get you all the information you need, it is always a better idea to be aware of how insurance coverage systems work in different states. To help you gather the basics, we have covered the key factors of the at-fault system below.

Determining the Liability

In the at-fault system, determining the liability is a critical step to file insurance claims. Liability determination refers to identifying who was responsible for the accident. Insurance teams and police can determine the responsible party and hold them responsible for covering the damage and medical expenses.

Insurance Coverage

Drivers in Texas must carry liability insurance that compensates for bodily injuries and property damage. When caught in an accident and held responsible, the at-fault system implies that the (responsible) driver will cover the costs of injuries caused to the other party(s) through their insurance coverage.

Filing a Claim

When involved in a car accident in Houston or other cities in Texas, you may file a claim with your own insurance company (for the incurred damages and injuries). Your insurance company will negotiate the claim with the at-fault party’s insurance provider to get decent compensation for your expenses.

Legal Assistance

In certain cases, at-fault drivers and other parties involved in the accident fail to come to a negotiation. When caught in such situations, you may consult a car accident lawyer in Houston to seek legal representation in the case. The attorney will thoroughly study the accident case and file a claim against the other party to get decent compensation for property damage, personal injury, and lost wages.

Need Help Suing an At-Fault Driver? McDonald Worley Is Here to Serve!

The above information provides a thorough context about the at-fault system in Texas. If you need legal representation from a car accident lawyer in Houston, McDonald Worley can meet your demands. Our highly qualified and experienced attorneys can help you receive the compensation you are looking for. Contact us today to discuss your case.


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