Perfix Hernia Mesh Injury Lawsuit Alleges Toxicity

Manufacturers C.R. Bard and Davol Inc. face a new Perfix hernia mesh injury lawsuit filed by a patient who claims the mesh is toxic.

The plaintiff in the Perfix hernia mesh injury lawsuit says he had hernia repair surgery with the implantation back in November 2015. However, the lawsuit alleges that because of the mesh’s unreasonably dangerous and toxic nature, the body attacked it as a foreign substance. The sterilization process, according to the Perfix hernia mesh injury lawsuit, allows the mesh to degrade and weaken over time, releasing numerous different toxic chemicals into the body.

The Bard Perfix hernia mesh injury lawsuit alleges that severe reactions have been recorded by numerous different patients who have had the device implanted in their body..

The Makeup of the Perfix Hernia Mesh Product

The surgical mesh is made of polypropylene but many patients argue that it erodes through the tissue after it has been implanted. Small holes or pores are in the mesh by its very manufacturing nature because it is made up of polypropylene surgical mesh. Nerves can grow into the holes or small pores and then attach to the surgical mesh shortly after implant.

As the surgical mesh erodes over time, the surgical mesh can stretch and pull. A number of different complications have been alleged in this Perfix hernia mesh injury lawsuit but other patients have come forward in thousands of other cases alleging problems such as tissue reaction, erosion, organ perforation, infection, urinary problems, bleeding, pain, shrinkage, migration of the mesh, allergic reactions and more.

Hernia mesh injury lawsuits have been filed in throughout the nation due to alleged design defects associated with the surgical repair products that are widely used.

covidien hernia mesh lawsuit filed after serious complicationsSome of the other types of hernia mesh that have been named in lawsuits include Ethicon’s physiomesh and the Atrium C-QUR patch. Ethicon physiomesh was originally introduced in 2010 and the C-QUR product was approved by the FDA in 2006.

Bard hernia repair products such as the Perfix hernia mesh have caused many patients to have the devices removed. However, there are unique complications associated with the surgical removal as many of these devices may have broken down and migrated throughout the body. This can lead to significant complications or even fatal injuries if the issues are not caught quickly.

If you or someone you know has already been injured because of the Perfix hernia mesh product, consult with a lawyer immediately to discuss your rights. 

The attorneys at McDonald Worley are currently investigating claims from those who have suffered injuries after having the hernia mesh implanted during a surgery. Reaching out today to learn more about your rights can help you clarify whether you have grounds to file a lawsuit.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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