Lawsuit Filed for Injuries Tied to Covidien Hernia Mesh

A product liability lawsuit has been sparked after a patient suffered serious complications following a surgery for hernia repair. The patient alleges that design problems in Covidien hernia mesh caused pain and suffering, problems that the manufacturer either knew about or should have been aware of before putting the product on the market.

Allegations in Covidien Hernia Mesh Suit 

The design problems in the Covidien hernia mesh, according to the recently-filed lawsuit, argue that the mesh disintegrated inside the female patient, ultimately causing a build up of fluid around the hernia patch. The lawsuit claims that the manufacturer knew about the high risks faced by patients who had the hernia repair surgery with Covidien mesh, yet patients or doctors were never told about the potential complications.

The hernia repair surgery in this case occurred in October of 2010. The Covidien hernia mesh was implanted, but the patient began to experience pain and other unexplained side effects, prompting her to get further medical attention. It was then discovered that fluid had begun building up around the mesh because part of the incision had reopened and begun draining in that area.

When the removal surgery was conducted in October 2014, doctors found out that the physical structure of the Covidien hernia mesh had disintegrated and caused an infection. The patients abdomen also suffered trauma due to being bumped multiple times by the pieces of the mesh. The lawsuit argues that the manufacturers should have been aware of the fact that the mesh product was incompatible with human tissue and that physicians and patients should have been told about the high risk of complication prior to the surgery.


The hernia mesh implant is intended for use in an area of the human body with high levels of bacteria. According to the lawsuit, that bacteria can adhered to the Covidien hernia mesh and lead to tissue breakdown, injuries, adverse reactions, and immune problems. Furthermore, the plaintiff wants to hold the company responsible for biomechanical issues with the hernia mesh product that can inflame nearby tissue when the mesh starts to break down. The mesh may ultimately degrade and fragment over the course of time, causing even more serious reactions.

Allegedly, the manufacturer underreported how often these issues were happening, making it impossible for patients to make an informed decision about whether the hernia repair surgery with that product was a viable choice. Many of the patients who have come forward with similar claims and lawsuits have had to undergo revision and removal surgeries. These surgeries carry a high risk of complications such as infection especially when the mesh has adhered to nearby organs.

Manufacturers are responsible for both creating safe products and notifying consumers when risks are present. If you or someone you know has suffered problems because of Covidien hernia mesh, such as breakdown of the mesh or internal organ damage from adhesion, you may have grounds for a legal claim.

Consulting with the lawyers at McDonald Worley can help you determine your legal rights.Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit. 


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