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One of the most crucial documents to procure following a car accident in Houston, TX is the police report. The accident report contains important details and information valuable for any settlement offer or court action. In fact, an auto accident lawyer in Houston may need to take a look at this document during consultations.

It can be easy for anyone, however, to forego the importance of a police report. After an accident, your main concern may be to seek immediate medical help. You may also have to inform your employer regarding your accident. Despite these pressing concerns, getting the police accident report should be your top priority.

Whether you plan to settle or file a case in court, you need to start by securing the police report.

From an Auto Accident Lawyer in Houston: Reasons for Securing the Police Report after a Houston, TX Accident

Although having immediate medical care will be your priority after an accident, getting the accident report is just as vital. The police report will serve as a crucial document once you decide to file for claims. You may even need the report when filing a legal case against any negligent driver.

In fact, your auto accident lawyer in Houston may require that you bring this report with you during consultations.

There are also other reasons why getting an accident report in Houston, TX is important. Three of the biggest reasons, as stated by auto accident lawyers in Houston, are the following:

  • The police report contains crucial information valuable for any claim.

Typically, the accident report will narrate important details such as the following:

  • The name of the responding officer
  • The name of the parties involved in Houston, TX
  • Name of possible eyewitnesses
  • Pertinent date and time of the accident or collision
  • Police observation on the accident scene

All these information makes it easier for you and your auto accident lawyer in Houston to locate important point persons. Their statements may be necessary to corroborate with other types of evidence necessary to establish negligence and liability. Police observations are also helpful in determining offenses, such as texting while driving in Houston, TX.

In 2017, the state of Texas has banned texting while driving. Given this new law, auto accident lawyers in Houston can help you file a successful claim against a liable driver.

  • The police report can include important insurance information of parties involved in Houston, TX.

Insurance information is hugely important when filing for a claim against the other party or your own insurance carrier. Any liable party will have to answer for your losses and damages. However, your auto accident lawyer in Houston may inform you that you can also claim from your own policy.

If you have uninsured motorist insurance coverage in your own policy, claiming from your insurance company is possible. This is usually the case if the liable driver has no liability insurance coverage at all.

  • Auto accident lawyers in Houston typically need a copy of the police report to start assisting you.

During the first consultation meeting, your auto accident lawyer in Houston will have to go over the police report. This is a routine practice to determine all the details which may be important for the case. In addition to examining this report, auto accident lawyers in Houston may also ask you several questions. Some of these queries may involve the nature and severity of your injuries, medical interventions, and available medical reports.

However, not all auto accident lawyers in Houston will require that you bring a police report with you. It doesn’t change the fact, however, that a police report is an important document for any claim in Houston, TX. Having the accident report can help you significantly when finally consulting with an auto accident lawyer in Houston.

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