J.B. Hunt Transport Faces Semi-Truck Accident Lawsuit

A semi-truck accident has prompted a seriously injured person to file a lawsuit against multiple defendants including J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. Hibbett Sporting Goods has launched this lawsuit as a result of allegedly dangerous activities carried out that led to an accident.

Multiple companies were named in the semi-truck accident lawsuit including Rhino Services LLC, S&W Towing Service and J.B. Hunt Transport Inc. In many trucking accident lawsuits, multiple parties are named as negligent following a comprehensive investigation of the accident’s causes.

The semi-truck accident lawsuit says that the defendants intentionally or negligently interfered with plaintiff’s merchandise including property that had an actual cash value of at least $360,000.

The semi-truck accident lawsuit says that in May 2017, a merchandise container that was scheduled for delivery to the plaintiff was loaded onto a semi-truck tractor trailer in Atlanta, Georgia. While on the tractor trailer, the driver crossed a railroad track and stopped. The trailer holding the container remained positioned on the railroad track at the time.

As a train approached and crashed into the trailer, the merchandise inside the container was allegedly seriously damaged, according to the semi-truck accident lawsuit complaint.. Law enforcement officials summoned another defendant in the semi-truck accident lawsuit, S&W, to the scene of the accident and Rhino Services also responded. These defendants were called to the scene to clean up a possible fuel spill and assess the situation.

They then took possession of the container and tried to transport if to another area, an action which the plaintiffs allege further damaged the merchandise. The container caught fire during the process of moving it to another location. According to the paperwork filed in the lawsuit, the plaintiff was then told that the contents were completely lost as a result.

trainThe lawsuit says that the plaintiff is entitled to a minimum of $360,000 as a result of the freight charges and lost merchandise caused by the semi-truck accident.

According to the lawsuit, J.B. Hunt claims that there were no pictures to substantiate the loss.

The lawsuit claims that J.B. Hunt further breached their contractual obligations by failing to safely deliver the cargo pursuant to the terms of the contract and caused the plaintiffs to suffer substantial damages in the wake of an accident by requesting responders at the scene to move the materials as soon as possible.

A minimum of hundreds of thousands in damages is alleged due to this breach of contract.

The defendants allegedly breached their duty of care by parking the tractor trailer on the railroad tracks in direct violation of Georgia law, negligently causing that trailer to catch fire when attempting to move it off of the railroad tracks and in doing so, failed to meet the required standard of care.

The attorneys at McDonald Worley are currently representing anyone injured in a semi-truck accident including those who have suffered serious property damage. Getting help from an attorney may be the only way to recover compensation after a serious semi-truck crash.

Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.


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