UPS Semi-Truck Accident Leads to Lawsuit

Accidents involving any commercial truck can be significant but UPS drivers spend so much time on the road and are often under pressure to deliver things on a schedule that it can increase the chances of a severe accident. That’s the case in a 2017 lawsuit filed that involved a tractor trailer owned by UPS. The UPS semi-truck accident occurred in February and the plaintiff in the case alleges that it caused substantial property damage in addition to severe injuries including eye injuries, neck, head, chest, right shoulder, back, right arm and seizures and brain damage.

Claims Argued in UPS Semi-Truck Accident Legal Case

The UPS semi-truck accident involved a February 13 event in which the defendant operating a UPS truck driving westbound on Interstate 70 in Ohio failed to keep a clear distance. The plaintiff was seriously injured when the UPS semi-truck accident happened due to the rear-ending of multiple vehicles. At the time that the UPS semi-truck accident occurred, it is estimated that the commercial trucker was going approximately 70 mph..

A total of four commercial vehicles were ultimately involved in the UPS semi-truck’s chain reaction and investigations of the accident scene discovered that there were no indications that the UPS driver had applied his brakes prior to the impact. The driver of the truck died as a result of the injuries sustained in the collision. The plaintiff in the UPS semi-truck accident argues that in addition to suffering the severe physical injuries, he also lost the ability to perform usual activities and suffered significant mental pain and suffering, both of which contributed to a diminished quality of life.

red semi trick on roadThe UPS semi-truck accident lawsuit alleges that the driver violated multiple state and federal statutes at the time of the accident and showed a disregard for the rights and safety of others on the road.

Truck drivers and the companies who manage them have an obligation to everyone else on the road to follow state and federal laws to minimize the chances of accidents. Trucking accidents can be complex because multiple parties may be held liable in a successful injury claim, including the manufacturer of any defective truck parts, the driver, or the company that employed the driver. When a driver wasn’t paying attention, was under the influence of alcohol or drugs, was too tired, or wasn’t following the laws requiring him or her to stop and get appropriate rest, injuries and damages tied to an accident could change a victim’s life forever. If the driver was negligent, as alleged in the case of this UPS semi-truck accident, recovering damages in the case of personal injury or wrongful death is a possibility.

If you or someone you know has been involved in a UPS semi-truck accident or other situation in which a truck driver or truck driving company may be held responsible for your severe injuries, you need to talk to the lawyers at McDonald Worley..Disclaimer: McDonald Worley is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit. 


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