Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Alleges Severe Injuries

In 2004, a patient was diagnosed with asymptomatic umbilical hernia and hospitalized for the condition. Shortly thereafter, he went through a surgical procedure to receive hernia mesh. Ultimately, the patient had to file a hernia mesh lawsuit due to the side effects.

Repair of that umbilical hernia involved implantation of a hernia mesh product created by C.R. Bard Inc. Pain and discomfort were experienced by the victim after the hernia mesh was implanted. The pain radiated from the hernia repair area and the surrounding location.

In 2013, the plaintiff developed such severe pain associated with the hernia mesh that he went through a surgical procedure to repair an abdominal wall abscess. The surgical procedure revealed that the hernia repair site was infected. The hernia mesh lawsuit argues that the mesh had become adhered to the wall of the small bowel, causing serious complications and pain.

The plaintiffs filing the lawsuit argue that many months after the fact, they identified that the mesh was manufactured and distributed by the defendants and was dangerously defective and never should have been used.

The hernia mesh lawsuit alleges that the defendants are responsible for failing to adequately warn the potential recipients or the users about the possible hazards, violations of the Louisiana Products Liability Act and any other claims of negligence or fault as could be appropriate based on the injuries sustained.

The hernia mesh lawsuit says that the plaintiff as well as his wife have suffered because of the damages associated with a defective hernia mesh product.

The plaintiff directly has suffered physical pain and suffering and mental anguish as well medical expenses, loss of engagement in life, loss of income and other damages associated with the instance.

His wife argues in the lawsuit that she has also suffered damages through a loss of services of her husband and loss of consortium.

Hernia Mesh Injuries

Unfortunately, this hernia mesh lawsuit is just the latest in a string of legal claims filed against hernia mesh manufacturers. Individuals who have a hernia mesh implant expect that it will help them to heal after a serious hernia problem, however, many have discovered that the significant consequences and side effects may occur shortly thereafter the implantation procedure or even many years later.

herniaThese symptoms may not be directly connected to the hernia mesh implant surgery until the situation has become so severe that it prompts a revision surgery.

Revision surgeries carry their own unique sets of risks including the possibility of complications and infections.

Those patients who have been injured as a result of an allegedly defective hernia mesh product may be entitled to file a lawsuit..

A hernia mesh lawsuit can help to hold the manufacturer accountable and to recover some of the damages and expenses associated with the use of the mesh to begin with.

Do you have grounds to file a hernia mesh lawsuit?? Consult with the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley today to learn more about your rights.

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