Is It Hard To Win a Slip and Fall Case in Houston?

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As an injured slip & fall accident victim in Houston, it’s normal to be concerned about how challenging your case will be. Fortuantely, a Houston slip and fall lawyer may be able to help. As humans, it’s common knowledge that we’re all susceptible to physical injuries now and again. Regardless…

What Is the Most Common Birth Injury?

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Birth injuries can be devastating for both mother and child. Learn about the most common birth injury, its causes, and how a Houston birth injury attorney can help you get justice. A birth injury occurs due to physical pressure during child delivery. It occurs during transit through the birth canal.…

Texas Motorcycle Accident Injury Statistics

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A motorcycle is a fun vehicle much loved by several people. Wide-open roadways and long summers make Texas a perfect place for motorcyclists. Texas has the fifth-largest number of probable motorcycle registrations in the U.S. But a larger volume of motorists on the road also means more accidents and injuries.…

The Dangers of Truck Accidents on Houston Highways

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If you were injured in an accident with an 18-wheeler, reach out to an experienced Houston truck accident lawyer at McDonald Worley today. Trucks play an essential role in the everyday lives of Houstonians and are important for the Houston economy as well. You can encounter trucks of all shapes,…

What Does a Houston Car Accident Lawyer Do?

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If you’ve been injured in a crash and are fighting with the insurance company, seeking legal representation might be a good idea. Call a Houston car accident lawyer at McDonald Worley to see if we can help! Accidents on the road are very common in Houston, and odds are that…

What Are the Signs of a Serious Head Injury?

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If you or a loved one have suffered a serious head injury, reach out to McDonald Worley. An experienced Texas brain injury lawyer may be able to help. “Head Injury” is a broad term used for a vast array of injuries that occur to the scalp, skull, brain, underlying tissues,…

Did You Suffer From Kidney Failure After Taking a Heartburn Medication Like Nexium or Prilosec?

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Did You Suffer From Kidney Failure After Taking a Heartburn Medication Like Nexium or Prilosec? Did you take Nexium or Prilosec in response to heartburn? Did you experience any possible side effects related to the medication? Research has found possible evidence linking the use of the two PPIs (Nexium and…

Who To Sue if Injured in a Pedestrian Accident?

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Many people are left stranded, in pain, and wondering what to do when involved in a pedestrian accident. Under the Houston, Texas law, the injured person can sue someone responsible for the accident. A driver involved in a car-pedestrian accident might face criminal charges for violating the law. This will…

Is Texas a No-Fault State For Auto Accidents?

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If you’ve been injured in a car accident, a Texas auto injury lawyer at McDonald Worley may be able to help. Call now for more information. Texas sees thousands of car accidents on the roads caused either by negligence, distraction, speeding, drowsiness, drunkenness, and so on. But what about the…

How To Sue For Theme Park Injuries in Houston

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Houston is home to some amazing theme parks and recreational spaces such as the Houston Funplex, Flip N’ Fun Trampoline Park, NRG Park, Astroworld Festival, Music Festival featuring Lil Baby, Water Park, and Jumping World. All theme parks are tailored specifically to appeal to their audience and are jam-packed with…

How Do I File a CPAP Lawsuit in Houston

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Did you suffer health complications from using a Philip CPAP device in Houston? Here’s how you can file a lawsuit against the negligent manufacturers. From car crashes to negligent security, premises liability, etc., personal injuries occur in various ways. One of the most devastating personal injury cases involves defective products…

Wage Disputes in the Oil and Gas Industry in Texas

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Although it’s thriving, the Texas oil and gas industry is plagued with wage disputes. Learn how to successfully handle these wage disputes in the oil industry.  The oil industry is infamous for a broad range of issues beyond environmental damage. Indeed, gas companies and oil companies have caused heavy environmental…

Kidney Injuries From Heartburn Drugs in Texas

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How often do you have a heartburn? What medications do you take for relief? Read on to find out how some heartburn drugs can cause devastating kidney injuries. Many personal injury lawyers in Texas are handling increasing numbers of heartburn drugs lawsuits. These personal injury lawsuits result from complications from…

How To Sue For Construction Defects in Houston

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It’s not uncommon for buildings to have defects due to the negligence of the construction company. Learn how to sue for construction defects in Houston and more. When you buy a house, pay for an apartment, or lease an office building, you do it with the hope that it serves…

What Are Average Settlement Amounts for Traumatic Brain Injuries

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When a work-related accident, motor vehicle accident, motorcycle accident, etc., happens, those involved would suffer a minor injury or a severe injury. But there is a third injury class referred to as catastrophic injuries. A catastrophic injury happens suddenly and has life-lasting implications.  Traumatic brain injury (TBI) falls under the…