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Alarming Concerns with Patient Care at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston

Alarming Concerns with Patient Care at St. Luke’s Hospital in Houston

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There have been numerous reports of inadequate care at some of the most prestigious cardiac centers in the U.S. The scary thing is these issues could have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for some diligent and aggressive news reporters in both Houston and New York. If your little one needs…

Can I Sue for Wrongful Death in Texas? | Houston Personal Injury Attorney

Who Can Sue for Wrongful Death in Texas?

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We all understand that, at some point, our loved ones are going to die. But we like to think it will be at a ripe old age. We never want to imagine that we’ll lose a family member to an accident. Sadly, thousands of people die in wrongful death cases…

Comparative Negligence in a Car Accident | Houston Auto Accident Lawyer

Does Comparative Negligence Hurt Your Car Accident Case?

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If you’ve ever gotten in a car accident, you know the drill. Both drivers get out of their car, complaining that the accident was the other one’s fault. If we’re honest with each other, we’d probably admit that both parties are somewhat at fault. Very rarely is one driver ever 100%…

5 Most Common Types of Car Accidents Houston Auto Accident Attorney

What Are the 5 Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Texas?

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Car accidents happen every day – they just don’t happen to you. You see accidents on the side of the road all the time. On your way to work, you complain about traffic only to find out it’s caused by a car that flipped over. Or, you are late coming…

American Priest Kenneth Bernard Charged with Illegal Sexual Misconduct

American Priest in the Philippines Charged with Illegal Sexual Misconduct

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We have read several stories this year about investigations into the activities of various church officials in the United States. There have been charges of sexual assault of minors by both priests and other church officials. The allegations in these cases are tragic and hard to comprehend. The charges against…

Growing Concern: Over 100 Uber Drivers Accused of Sexual Assault

Growing Concern for Uber Riders: Over 100 Uber Drivers Accused of Sexual Assault

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Recently there’s been many Uber drivers accused of sexual assault. Last year, a woman in San Diego called an Uber after she spent a night out drinking with friends. She was intoxicated and had fallen asleep in the back of the Uber car. Also, she woke up to find the…

McDonald Worley is Here for Those Impacted by Child Sexual Abuse

McDonald Worley is Here for Those Impacted by Child Sexual Abuse

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It’s something we’d rather not hear about. Most of us have a hard time even imagining the crime of child sexual abuse. It’s scary and heartbreaking all at the same time. For many families, however, it’s a fact of life. For years, McDonald Worley has been helping victims of child…

Handling Your Own Case | Car Accident Attorney Houston

Common Mistakes People Make When Handling Their Own Case

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Car accident lawyers spend years learning the law in Texas. They go to school for quite some time and they watch other lawyers in action so they can learn the tricks of the trade. They spend years, even decades, developing relationships with other attorneys and they even get to know…

Determining Liability in a Multi-Car Accident

Determining Fault in a Multi-Car Accident

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Some of the most confusing cases are multi-car accidents. When you have three or more cars involved in an accident, you’ll typically have at least three versions of what happened. Every driver has a different story. They all point the finger at someone else. Nobody ever wants to admit that…

Injuries Caused by Malfunctioning Toy

Child Injuries Caused by Malfunctioning Toys

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Thousands of children get injuries every year from a malfunctioning toy. For years, manufacturers make sure that the products they put on the market are safe for children. However, mistakes are possible. And, unfortunately, some companies aren’t as concerned with child safety as they are with making a profit. Personal…

Bicycle Safety Tips

Safety Tips for Bicyclists in Houston

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It is becoming more common for people to ride their bicycles to work these days. Whether it’s to lose weight or because it’s good for the environment, you may choose to ride your car to and from work rather than drive or take the bus. With the number of cars…

Obtaining A Police Report Houston, TX

3 Reasons Why You Should Obtain the Police Report after a Houston Auto Accident

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One of the most crucial documents to procure following a car accident in Houston, TX is the police report. The accident report contains important details and information valuable for any settlement offer or court action. In fact, an auto accident lawyer in Houston may need to take a look at…

Traumatic Brain Injury Causes Houston, TX

Common Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries in Houston

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A traumatic brain injury can lead to agonizing symptoms and lasting health problems. Although it’s easy to depict such injuries as occurring after a fall, there are other causes of traumatic brain injuries. What makes these brain injuries complicated, moreover, is that the symptoms may start to appear later then…

Hospital Visit After A Car Accident Houston, TX

The Importance of Going to the Doctor After a Houston Car Accident

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One of the first things you should do after a car accident is to seek medical treatment. Getting attention immediately will ensure that your injuries won’t go unnoticed. Seeing a doctor is not only good for your health. It can help your case if you choose to file a personal…

Diabetic Amputation Lawsuit Filed by Invokana User Risperdal Warnings

Diabetic Amputation Lawsuit Filed by Invokana User

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A diabetic amputation lawsuit says that a drug manufacturer has not gone far enough to warn patients about the risks of losing a limb. The side effect of amputation can drastically alter a patient’s life. Plaintiff Carey L. has initiated the diabetic amputation lawsuit based on allegations that the manufacturer of…