Texas Trucking Company Involved in Smuggling Deaths

Investigation into Pyle Transportation, the Texas trucking company implicated in a deadly human smuggling case in July 2017, has revealed a history of numerous safety concerns.

The Texas trucking company had advertised itself as an American success story; however, in July when 10 immigrants were found in the trailer of the semi operated by its contract driver, Pyle Transportation faced additional investigation.

According to the Associated Press, the Texas trucking company had been cited for numerous safety concerns over its history of operation.

Pyle Transportation marketed itself as a refrigeration delivery service for meat and produce. The driver of the semi-truck carrying the immigrants said that he did not know they were in the trailer until he made a rest stop and heard voices. Federal investigators say that the immigration smuggling operation is likely part of organized crime stemming from cartel activity.

Former drivers with the Texas trucking company reported to the Associated Press that they were encouraged to bend and break regulations in the name of speed. They say they were forced to drive more hours than permitted under federal regulations and refused breaks. They say Pyle Transportation also instructed them to doctor their driving log so as to not tip off regulators.

“They are always looking for ways to save money and make money,” one driver told reporters.

In 2001, the Texas trucking company, known at Pyle Truck Lines then, was cited for falsifying records for the Department of Transportation. The then-owner transferred the company to his children who formed Pyle Transportation.

distracted trucker causes fatal accidentThe company developed a reputation among drivers, according to reports.

“They will run you to death and you have to falsify your logs to make it work,” one driver told reporters from the Associated Press.

“They appeal to drivers by keeping big Peterbilts to drive. But then you get there and it’s not good at all. It’s just a show,” said another driver who also said he had to sue to Texas trucking company for unpaid wages after they fired him. “I thought, ‘How is this place even staying in business?’”

Semi-Truck Drivers and Companies

State, local, and federal rules are all in place to protect semi-trucks and other vehicles that share the road. Regulations include driving duration and required rest stops, background checks and mandatory training, testing for substance use, truck maintenance, and accident reporting requirements.

Texas trucking companies also must ensure they have policies and procedures in place to enforce these rules and protect other motorists. Unfortunately, some trucking companies flout these rules in the name of making more money..

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