New Tractor Trailer Lawsuit Filed Against Trucking Company

A new tractor trailer lawsuit has been filed against a trucking company as well as the operator of the tractor trailer involved in a serious accident.

The accident occurred when a truck driver, operating a tractor trailer on Interstate 80 in Nebraska, crossed the median and headed into oncoming traffic. This caused a collision with the plaintiff who was also driving a semi-tractor trailer and could not avoid the oncoming vehicle.

According to the tractor trailer lawsuit, the plaintiff sustained multiple injuries affecting his face, clavicle, brain, left knee, left elbow, and ribs. The lawsuit names trucking company C.R. England as responsible for the injuries sustained because of the accident.

The plaintiff claims the driver of the truck ran off of the roadway to the left into the median and ultimately crossed into the eastbound lanes of Interstate 80 going so far as the ditch. According to court documents, the plaintiff was unable to avoid the collision and struck the tractor trailer near the middle rear.

The tractor trailer lawsuit alleges that the plaintiff suffered not only severe physical injuries but mental pain and suffering that has diminished his quality of life and rendered him unable to perform typical activities. Any situation in which a tractor trailer lawsuit is filed requires prompt investigation of the accident scene to determine who may be held responsible.

Who’s to Blame For Trucking Accidents?

Trucking accidents like this one can be extremely complicated because multiple parties may be identified as liable for the injuries sustained. Some of the most common reasons that a truck driver is named as responsible in a lawsuit have to do with not paying attention to the roadway, being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, being too tired or not having the appropriate training to control the vehicle in inclement weather.

if you were injured in a semi truck accident contact an attorney to helpGiven that the typical weight of a fully loaded truck is 80,000 lbs. the injuries sustained in a critical accident including the one named in this tractor trailer lawsuit, can be catastrophic.

Injuries or even fatalities may be associated with a tractor trailer accident, especially if oncoming traffic is unable to avoid the vehicle altogether. The size of a tractor trailer can make it challenging for anyone on the right side of the road or in the other direction to be able to avoid severe injuries and property damage.

If you or someone you know has been injured in a semi-truck accident, consult with an experienced injury attorney immediately..

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