What Victims Should Know About Commercial Truck Accidents

For some of us, the only time we remember liking 18-wheeler trucks was when we were little. We looked out of the cars’ windows we were sitting in, and they were these mysterious, huge vehicles on wheels. As we got older, though, we started getting wary of these huge vehicles.

Trucks are no more a mystery to us. We now understand their usage and importance. Along with that knowledge, though, we now understand what damages they could cause. From traffic congestions to fatal accidents, trucks can be quite dangerous. So, when we drive on the road, we try not to veer too close to trucks to avoid accidents.

Our attorneys at McDonald Worley have represented many commercial truck accidents, victims, ensuring that they got fair compensation for their accidents. If you’ve been in a truck accident and are unsure what next steps to take, contact us, and we’ll guide you through.

In this article, we explore what victims should know about Commercial Truck accidents.

Types of Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are some of the most severe auto accidents that could occur. There are several types of truck crashes. Some of the most common types are listed below:

Jackknife Crashes

Jackknife crashes are a common occurrence in rainy weather. Slippery roads could cause semi-trucks to skid on the road, making a V-shape with the truck’s cab, hence the name, jackknife. As the truck skids, other road users might be at risk of accidents. In some cases, multiple vehicles could be involved in such accidents causing severe injuries. At other times, there could be loss of life.

Head-On Crashes

Head-on collisions are some of the most common types of truck accidents. Worse still, they are also some of the most severe and even fatal truck accidents. This occurs when a motor vehicle crashes head-on into a truck, both approaching from opposite sides.

The causes of head-on collisions include but are not limited to the driver being drowsy or distracted. Drunk driving, drowsy driving, or a mechanical failure with the truck’s engines could also cause a head-on crash.

Rollover Accidents

One of the reasons why trucking companies are under fire most times is that truck occupants are very likely to walk away uninjured from truck accidents. However, their victims are likely to incur injuries and may even die. This is quite unfair as a truck driver error causes many truck accidents..

In truck rollover accidents, the case is different. These crashes occur when the trucker loses control of the truck and rolls over. As is consistent with other truck accidents, other drivers can also be affected by these crashes.

Underride Collisions

As head-on crashes occur, so do under-ride collisions. This sort of semi-truck accident occurs when a smaller vehicle crashes into the rear-end of a trailer.. As a truck’s rear is one of its blind spots, and there is ample space underneath the trailer, a smaller vehicle can get stuck without the driver even realizing it.

When trucks stop suddenly on the road without giving vehicles behind them any indication, they can cause rear-end crashes. Unfortunately, most underride truck collisions, like most head-on collisions, are fatal crashes. They cause catastrophic injuries for the people in the passenger vehicles. However, the semi-truck drivers are usually left unscathed..

T-bone Accident

This usually occurs at an intersection. When a truck driver runs a stop sign or ignores a traffic signal, it could crash into another vehicle that’s in its lane. As most truck companies are supposed to ensure that truckers understand traffic signals and know when to stop and go, we can chalk this up to aggressive, distracted, or negligent truck drivers. Fortunately, this is not as common as other types of truck accidents.

Spilled Cargo Accidents

This kind of truck accident is the stuff nightmares are made of. It involves the truck spilling whatever cargo it’s carrying in its trailer. To ensure that this does not occur, trucking companies are required to secure trucks’ cargoes carefully. When a truck is overloaded, the cargo can spill over or roll-off, causing damage to the vehicle, property damage, and harming humans within its radius.

What To Do After a Commercial Truck Accident

Truck accident victims usually find that their lives are changed drastically because of the crash. It is important to take the right steps after being involved in a truck accident to ensure you get maximum compensation.

Below, we outline what steps you should take after a truck accident if you were a victim:

  1. Get Medical Care

The importance of getting medical attention after an accident cannot be overemphasized. Whether you feel like your injuries are minor or don’t think you have severe injuries, you should get checked out to ensure that you’re fine.

You should also ensure that your visit to the hospital is documented. Getting a copy of your medical records and your medical bills will help you prove that negligence caused your injuries. This will also ensure that you get compensated for your medical expenses.

  1. Get a Police Report

Obtaining a police report will help you prove your case further in court and before the insurance adjuster. An experienced truck accident lawyer will take this document and build a strong case out of it, ensuring that you get the compensation you deserve.

  1. Contact a Truck Accident Attorney

Truck accident cases can be very complex. There are usually so many parties involved; between the trucking company, the truck manufacturer, the driver, and the insurance company, making a truck wreck claim can be a hard-nut to crack. The insurance company might try to bully you into getting a quick settlement rather than a fair settlement. In many cases, they have been known to give victims a difficult time with getting compensated.

However, if you hire a professional trucking attorney, you should not have much of a problem making legal claims due to being in a truck accident. Our experienced truck injury lawyers at McDonald Worley know the right questions to ask when approaching your case. We have handled enough truck accident claims for truck wreck victims to know how best to protect your financial compensation.. Our legal team is also robust enough to put in hours to ensure that your case is treated with the urgency it requires.

What Are Your Rights Following a Commercial Truck Accident?

It is important to know your rights if you or a loved one suffered injuries from a truck accident. You can file a trucking accident lawsuit against the responsible parties.. If the court decides the case in your favor, you’ll be able to get economic damages and non-economic damages. If there is evidence of gross negligence, you’ll get punitive damages.

These parties you can claim against include one or more of the following:

  • The truck driver
  • The company that employs the truck driver
  • The company or party that loaded the truck
  • The truck manufacturers
  • The government agencies operating and owning large vehicles
  • The party receiving the shipment
  • The insurance providers of one or more of the parties named above

Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer Today!

If you or any of your loved ones are trucking accident victims, you should exercise your legal rights to make a personal injury claim. While the emotional trauma and bodily injury that comes from being involved in an accident is a burden, it should be even more reason to ensure that you compensate for your troubles.

Contact McDonald Worley today to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Our personal injury attorneys will work quickly to counter any defense that the trucking and insurance companies raise. They will also ensure that you receive the compensation that you’re worth. As you do not have to pay our attorneys’ fees until you receive a verdict or settlement, you do not have to worry about finances.


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