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Are you need of a personal injury attorney in San Bernardino? There is no telling when a vehicular accident can suddenly change a life and bring long-lasting effects some of which may never be resolved. The aftermath of an accident can endure for weeks, months and even the rest of your life. It is no joke to say that many people never recover from their injuries. In addition to the physical, mental and emotional difficulties of an accident, the financial strain of treatment and lost wages can add their weight to the situation.

These issues are complicated by the need for rest and recovery after an accident and this is one other reason getting help from a personal injury firm can be the best option for your situation. If you have been injured because of the carelessness or negligence of another person, you are not on your own. Know that the law office of McDonald Worley is here with experience handling these cases and ensuring victims receive the full compensation they deserve.

How Do Lawyers Define Personal Injury?

Personal injury cases fall under the purview of personal injury law.. That’s a legal framework offering injury victims a way to get compensation for any injuries they have suffered, as well as pursue justice. It’s also known by many as Tort Law and covers any cases involving defamation, defective products, accidents, and intentional acts, like sexual assault. Each personal injury claim in San Bernardino as two different core issues with it. Those are liability and damages. What was the actual nature of any damages? Was someone specifically liable for said damages? Accident cases usually involve a concept called negligence. That’s a failure or a person or party to exercise a level of care than any reasonable individual would practice in any situation regarding an accident. In order for an attorney to establish negligence, then four distinct elements have to be demonstrated:


Duty is considered a legal obligation wherein businesses or people follow a level of reasonable care when they perform any actions that might hurt other people. This concept can cover quite a few things, ranging from drivers operating their motor vehicles to doctors providing medical care. Defendants don’t have to actually know the specific plaintiff in order to owe them any duty.


Breach is defined as a violation of said duty. If a defendant didn’t act like a ‘reasonably prudent individual’ would or should, then he or she breached their duty. In short, a defendant should have been aware that the actions or inactions they undertook were likely to result in injury to other people.


Causation is a link that connects duty being breached and there is any harm or injury suffered. In order for negligence to be fully established, then the injury must be a consequence of the breach in question.


Damages correlate to any actual injuries the resulted from the breach of a person’s duty.

How Can I Know Whether Or Not I Have A Valid Personal Injury Claim?

It’s certainly far from the only requirement, but an injury has to be the fault of someone else. It must also be a result of their negligence. You don’t have to have physically visible injuries in order to have a personal injury claim.. Other potential grounds you might use to file a personal injury lawsuit against another person could include an expectation of harm, emotional distress, and attacks of defamation. Something else to consider is if an injury caused any compensatory damages, which might take the form of lost wages or medical bills. If all these happen to be true, then it’s likely that you have a valid personal injury case.. We suggest you promptly consult one of our personal injury lawyers or attorneys in or near San Bernardino right away.

Who Is Able To File Personal Injury Claims?

A person might file a personal injury claim if they suffered an injury because of the negligent or willful actions of another entity or person. Every state has its own laws spelling out in specific what constitutes a personal injury. For instance, workers’ compensation will cover the injuries that happen in the workplace. If you would like a better idea of how your circumstances might qualify under the laws of the state of California, then schedule your free consultation with one of the personal accident or injury attorneys in San Bernardino.

What Do I Need To Do Once I Get Injured?

Once you get injured, the very first thing that you need to do is get any necessary medical treatment. That means visiting the emergency room so you can promptly get a robust medical evaluation. If you do not get this particular treatment immediately, then the opposition insurance company is likely to argue that you aren’t really hurt. Remember, it’s in their best interest to pay you just as little as they can. The only way in which they can accomplish this is by trying to prove that any injuries you have aren’t that serious.

How Long Do Personal Injury Cases Take To Resolve?

Cases are known to sometimes resolve in just a few months, although that’s the exception rather than the rule. The majority of cases take months to even a full year, if not longer. If a case winds up going to trial, then appeals can make the process take even longer. Every case is unique. Generally speaking, cases that are more complicated wind up taking longer to sort out, especially in court. A good personal injury attorney is someone that can analyze your case details so they can offer you a realistic picture of what you should expect..

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