Moreno Valley Personal Injury Lawyer

Are you in need of a Moreno Valley Personal Injury Lawyer? A serious accident can happen in less than one second, but the physical and emotional pain that comes from it can take months before healing. There are victims who never fully recover.

Beyond the physical and psychological trauma, the medical costs and loss of income can have a huge impact on the financial future of the entire family. At our personal injury law firm in Moreno Valley, we know what you are going through, and we are ready to provide our help when fighting for the compensation you need to get everything back on track.

How Much Is it to Hire a Personal Injury Lawyer?

We at McDonald Worley work on a contingency basis. You don’t have to pay for any upfront fees to work on your case. If you lose the case, you are not going to be charged. We will be the ones to take care of all the costs associated with the case, which means you have all the time to focus on your recovery instead of stressing about legal fees.

Do I Have a Personal Injury Claim?

The injury has to be caused by someone else’s fault, and caused by their negligence, although this might not be the only requirement. You don’t need to have physical injuries to be able to file for a claim; emotional distress, attacks of defamation, or expectation of harm can also be ground for a personal injury lawsuit. Another thing that can be put into consideration is if the injury leads to compensatory damages, e.g. lost wages and medical bills. If you happen to satisfy these conditions, then you might have the chance of filling for a personal injury claim. It is a good idea to talk to our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible so they can advise you on the best course of action for your case..

Who Can File?

If the negligent or willful act of another entity or person results in injury, the person can file for a claim. Different states have different laws that outline what qualifies as a personal injury. An example being workers’ compensation covering injuries that workers sustaining when working. If you want to know if your situation satisfies the conditions to make it a personal injury case in Moreno Valley, California, then it is important to talk to an accident lawyer at McDonald Worley. You don’t have to worry about legal fees because it is a free consultation. Contact them to get started.

Do Moreno Valley Personal Injury Claims have a Time Limit?

According to California Law, there is a predetermined amount of time from the day the victim is injured to the day they file for the claim or lawsuit. This is referred to as “Statute of limitation” and the type of injury will determine how long. Below are the maximum time frames for filing a personal injury case in Moreno Valley..

  • Injury to a person – two years
  • Slander/Libel – one year
  • Fraud – three years
  • Trespassing – three years
  • Damage to property – three years

Professional Malpractice:

  • Medical – one year from when it was discovered and three years if the injury was known
  • Legal – one year from when it was discovered and a maximum of four years from the act
  • Veterinary – one year from when the animal was injured or died

How Much is the Case Worth?

The number of damages and injuries the victim has suffered will determine the value of a personal injury case. Damages can be given for mental anguish, pain and suffering, loss of earnings, loss of consortium, medical bills – both now and in the future, loss of earning capacity, among others. There are some circumstances where the courts award punitive damages. An instance where the plaintiff can get punitive damages is when the behavior of the defendant was reprehensible. One thing to keep in mind is your choice of the personal injury attorney is going to have a big impact on how much you end up getting.. McDonald Worley helps plaintiffs, and most of our customers have come from referrals from other personal injury lawyers. This is because we have a track record of getting our clients’ favorable verdicts and settlements.

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You need to hire a personal injury lawyer so you can get started with the process.. Our team has been serving Moreno Valley residents for years, dealing with injury victims of accidents. Our commitment to our clients is very high because we know they have been hurt by the negligence and carelessness of others.

If you have been involved in an accident in the city of Moreno Valley, and you were hurt as in the process, contact us so we can get started with your free consultation. We will do a review of the case for free and you don’t have to worry about upfront costs because you don’t pay unless we win your case.

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