Safety Tips for Driving During Thanksgiving

It’s almost time for a cherished American holiday – Thanksgiving – and as millions hit the road to be with loved ones, AAA and the Red Cross have some safety tips for the holiday.

AAA recommends a thorough inspection of your vehicle, from tire pressure to windshield fluid, to ensure you and your family can avoid breakdowns while driving during Thanksgiving. Be sure your spare tire and other emergency equipment is in working order. Top off your tank before you leave and get any recommended servicing, like oil changes, before hitting the road. Also remember to clean your windshield and lights as well.

If you do run into car trouble while driving during Thanksgiving, remember to pull your vehicle as far as possible off of the road. You may want to be sure to have flares or reflectors to let other drivers know you are along the road if you run into car trouble during these long dark nights.

While driving during Thanksgiving, it is important to keep in mind the millions of others who are traveling during the holiday and may be in an unfamiliar area. First, and most importantly, keep your driving skills sharp by not drinking and driving and designating a driver to get around safely. Unfortunately, the Thanksgiving holiday, not New Year’s Eve, has the largest number of drunk driving fatalities.

smartphones-linked-to-fatalitiesBan distractions while driving during Thanksgiving. This includes mobile devices, GPS, loud music, eating and drinking, and other distractions that can cost precious moments of reaction time while driving in winter conditions.

In addition to new state laws that slap steep fines on distracted drivers, distracted driving accidents and fatalities have been on the rise over the past few years. Don’t become a part of that number.

You can also rotate drivers during long drives and take plenty of breaks while driving during Thanksgiving. Exercise caution while driving in work zones. Remember to slow down – it is better to arrive alive than to get into an accident over a few extra minutes.

Be sure to follow the rules of the road, drive respectfully, and leave plenty of room between vehicles. Remember to use your headlights while driving at dusk and at night. Another easy way to stay safe is to remember to buckle up. Not only are police on the lookout for drivers not using their safety belts, seat belts can save lives in the event of a car accident.

Driving during Thanksgiving can be stressful for everyone on the road, but by taking advantage of these safety tips, you can avoid some of the common causes of accidents and enjoy a happy holiday season with your friends and family..

If you or a loved one do happen to experience a car accident while driving during Thanksgiving, consider contacting an experienced attorney to help protect your legal rights and recover compensation for any damages, medical or other expenses you suffered. Call the attorneys at McDonald Worley for a free case review.


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