Perfix Mesh Lawsuit Filed by Injured Patient

Bard’s Perfix mesh has been named in a new lawsuit on behalf of a Louisiana man who allegedly experienced significant injures. According the Bard Perfix lawsuit, the hernia mesh manufactured by this industry leader is unreasonably dangerous and toxic.

Plaintiff Bruce B. claims that after receiving hernia repair surgery in which the Bard Perfix mesh was implanted, he suffered inflammation and severe complications which ultimately required the removal.

The complaint alleges that consumers who have the Bard Perfix mesh product implanted face a high risk of severe reactions after it has been placed in the human body. The plaintiff says he had the Bard Perfix mesh product implanted after a hernia repair surgery in November 2015. According to claims stipulated by the plaintiff in the lawsuit, the product is weakened by the sterilization process that ultimately causes degradation and weakening, releasing a number of different chemicals into the patient’s body.

Bruce argues that in his particular case, his body attacked the implant as a foreign substance.

covidien hernia mesh lawsuit filed after serious complicationsThe Perfix mesh is made of woven polypropylene that allegedly erodes and degrades over time after it has been implanted. Nerves can grow into the small holes or pores of the surgical mesh and will attach to it shortly after implant. This then pulls the attached nerves as the mesh begins to erode causing affected patients debilitating pain.

Hernia mesh is used to repair a damaged hernia during surgery, and the use of this mesh has become increasingly popular at hospitals. Patients might not realize until it’s too late that their body has struggled to incorporate the synthetic substance, prompting a repair surgery.

Many patients have come forward to file hernia mesh lawsuits because of serious injuries and complications.. Various different types of hernia mesh have been named in these complaints.

Hernia Mesh Complaints and Lawsuits Surge in Recent Years

Thousands of claims have been made regarding hernia mesh implants in recent years due to severe complications affecting patients that often require revision surgery. Revision surgery carries with it its own set of unique risks and some of the most common problems reported by patients included urinary problems, shrinkage, mesh degradation, tissue reactions, erosion, mesh migration, allergic reactions, organ perforation and hernia recurrence.

Unexplained symptoms might prompt a patient to schedule a visit with a doctor only to learn that the hernia mesh may be adhered to nearby tissue, making retrieval extremely difficult.

Due to the fact that it tends to adhere to the body parts and tissue around it, it can be difficult or impossible for surgeons to remove the hernia mesh once implanted.

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