Unexpected Medical Expenses From Crash Injuries During Stay-At-Home Orders

Los Angeles has certainly seen substantial changes since Governor Gavin Newsome implemented the stay-at-home order. Not only have the freeway and surface streets of LA cleared out, but the general finding is that speeding and high-risk driving are up. Why? Californian’s are often stuck in gridlock. Especially throughout LA, where many freeways and highways intersect with residential and commercial areas. Unfortunately, when it comes to handling an automobile crash in California that happened during the stay-at-home order, things get a little sticky. It’s likely that you were hit at high speeds or with few other people around. So how can you resolve the accident, and take care of your car crash injuries?

Crashes and Travel During California’s Stay-At-Home Order

The California Highway Patrol reported that tickets rates for speeding over 100 increased by 87% during the stay-at-home order. Unfortunately, while overall crashes are down, the crashes that are happening are at higher speeds. People are seeing the near-empty roads as an opportunity to push their vehicles to their limits.

Crashes that happened during the stay-at-home orders, however, were able to receive immediate attention from CHP and LAPD. Travel during the order was so closely monitored that there was little opportunity for anything to go amiss. For the victims, this awareness and availability can be lifesaving.

Managing Your Car Crash Injuries

The trick with managing your injuries during the stay-at-home order is that you are largely responsible for their care. They are the only ones who can sit there and decide how much they will follow the doctor’s orders. Then you have the issue of people not having access to the at-home help they need. Before, it was no problem to ask someone to swing by and help with the laundry or to go out grocery shopping together.

Now, as you manage your injuries, you might consider hiring a nurse through an assistance service. Often these nurses were retired or can’t manage a full schedule at a hospital. They will often come into the home, help the injured person, and ensure that they can access everything they need. It’s especially helpful for people who’ve had surgery but weren’t put into a cast. It’s difficult to resist the temptation to use your arm or put pressure on your leg during early recovery.

Planning for Medical Treatment for Your Car Crash Injuries

As you plan for an upcoming surgery, you might take care of arrangements for some things now. For example, if you’re returning to work in a work-from-home capacity, you might enlist a family member to help. They can come by helping you set up a work-from-home space that has everything you’ll need.

Or you might arrange for a prescription delivery through CVS or your local pharmacy. Taking these small steps can help you manage your recovery while ensuring you’re ready for your next surgery or physical therapy session.

Added Expenses

Unlike any other time in recent history, you cannot simply decide to set up an Uber or Lyft. If you need transportation to a medical facility, you’ll need to arrange for medical transport or ask someone to take you. This expense isn’t extensive, as many hospitals offer transit support for injured and elderly patients. However, it’s not something you would expect, and it’s certainly more costly than a rideshare.

As mentioned earlier, you might need an in-home nurse for a while. That can quickly rack up in cost as well, although you can find generally reasonable prices on platforms such as Care.com.

Then consider your additional delivery services. While the stay-at-home order suggests people go out as little as possible, there are still necessary trips. Paying for grocery delivery, cleaning product delivery, and food delivery services are expensive. Not only do you have service fees, but monthly subscription fees, and more.

When you’re working on your demand letter, be sure to include the full extent of the cost if you couldn’t get out of the house and drive yourself, then additional expenses should fit into this need for transport and delivery or help around the house. Those extra costs build up quickly.

Contacting McDonald Worley – Your Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

McDonald Worley has spent years helping the Los Angeles community. The victims of car accidents often don’t know how to resolve their crash with ideal outcomes. That’s when our Los Angeles car accident lawyers jump into action.. After any car accident, and especially if you experienced injuries or delayed medical treatment, we help you.

Getting support for your car accident recovery in Los Angeles isn’t always easy. But calling our personal injury law firm in Los Angeles can get you legal support and help in handling your outstanding medical debt. Contact the people who will help you during this difficult and confusing time, call McDonald Worley.


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