Man Reaps Large Settlement from Auto Accident with Bus & Van

Thousands of motorists are injured or killed in an auto accident each year. Many drivers and passengers do not know, however, that they may be eligible for monetary compensation outside of any insurance payments they might receive.

One such auto accident lawsuit was filed by a man from Hartford, Connecticut, which ended with a settlement for nearly half-million dollars.

Fifty-four-year-old Himzija S. was simply sitting in his car waiting for his child to get off a school bus. He was legally parked on the road next to the curb when an accident between another car and a school bus occurred near him. This nearby auto accident caused a van to tumble onto his car.

This auto accident, Himzija  claims, was the cause of numerous injuries including blurred vision and chest pain as well as back and leg injuries. He also alleges that he suffers from restricted ranges of motion in his back, lumbar radiculopathy, lumbar hyper flexion, and hyperextension injury as well as other potentially permanent injuries to his legs and back.

The nearby auto accident happened when a van collided with a school bus full of children. 

Allegedly, according to the auto accident lawsuit filed by Himzija, the bus pulled out directly in front of the van.

Himzija ’s auto accident lawsuit alleges that both the van and the bus were speeding. In fact, the plaintiff claims, the van was going so fast that it flipped “several times” before it landed on Himzija ’s parked car after it struck the school bus.

The plaintiff believes that his injuries were caused by the carelessness and negligence of both the driver of the bus and the van. He thinks they were inattentive, operated their vehicles speeds above what was safe for the conditions, failed to keep their vehicles under control, and failed to maneuver their vehicles to avoid the auto accident.

Himzija also alleges that the other motorists either failed to apply the brakes or operated defective brakes, violated motor vehicle laws and failed to obey traffic markings.

Luckily, no school children were hurt in the auto accident.

The attorney for Himzija said that “ was focused on her left side and accelerated into the roadway and struck Santos’ vehicle leading to the accident.” He also noted that Santos was also to blame. “He should have been able to stop or make maneuvers to avoid a bus if he was paying attention and driving reasonably,” the attorney told the Connecticut Law Tribune.

The amount of the settlement, $425,000 to be exact, was based on projections of Himzija’s potential salary for the rest of his working life as a manual laborer.

Himzija’s insurance carrier paid $75,000 and DATTCO, the bus operator, paid $350,000.

If you are in an auto accident, you may be able to make up for lost wages in the past and future by collecting money from the other driver or the insurance company. In this case, you may benefit from speaking to an auto accident attorney to determine if you are eligible for such a lawsuit.. Contact the experienced attorneys at McDonald Worley for a FREE case evaluation.


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