Lawsuit Alleges Severe Pelvic Mesh Side Effects

A New York woman alleges in a recently filed lawsuit that she suffered severe side effects after being implanted with Bard vaginal mesh.

Plaintiff Cheri P. says she suffered pelvic mesh side effects including “pain and further urinary problems after being implanted with the transvaginal placed mesh device.”

She alleges that Bard and the others who “developed, inspected, tested, assembled, designed, licensed, manufactured, distributed, packaged, supplied, marketed, advertised and/or sold, either directly or through third parties or related entities, the transvaginal mesh device implanted into Plaintiff,” are responsible for the severe and ongoing pain as well as the financial damages caused by the mesh.

According to the lawsuit, Cheri suffered more than $75,000 in damages due to the transvaginal mesh she had implanted. Bard and the other companies contributed to the negligent design and manufacture of the vaginal mesh that led to her injuries, alleges the plaintiff.

The plaintiff also claims that she and her doctors were never warned about the risks of pelvic mesh side effects.

Pelvic Mesh Side Effects

Patients who have been implanted with transvaginal mesh face the risk that the mesh breaks down in their body or improperly adheres internally. This can cause infections, including the plaintiff’s urinary problems, and may require removal surgery. Unfortunately, surgery is impossible if the mesh has adhered inside the patient’s body.

Side effects of pelvic mesh can also include sudden urges to urinate and severe pelvic pain.. Mesh can also lead to severe inflammation.

ivc-filter-studyPatients who are experiencing pelvic mesh side effects after implantation should consult with their doctor. Additional side effects include pain during intercourse, bleeding, vaginal scarring, discomfort, and shortening of the vagina.

These patients should also consider retaining legal help, especially if they or their doctors feel that they were not properly warned about the pelvic mesh side effects they are experiencing.

Dealing with these side effects can be expensive and time consuming. Further, there may be little treatment for the pelvic mesh side effects a person experiences.

The companies who designed and manufactured these devices may be responsible, for example:

  • The mesh may have been designed with a defect that caused problems;
  • The mesh may have been manufactures with inferior materials;
  • The companies may have known of the pelvic mesh side effects, but failed to warn doctors and patients about those side effects.

Patients who experience pain and suffering because of a defectively designed or manufactured medical product are entitled to compensation from the company under law. Additionally, companies who market and sell dangerously defective products need to be held responsible so others are not injured by the same product..

An experienced attorney can help patients who have experienced pelvic mesh side effects decide if a lawsuit is right for them. If you or a loved one have experienced severe pelvic mesh side effects, contact the lawyers at McDonald Worley for a free case evaluation. 


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