Who is Responsible for Defective Christmas Lights in Houston?

If you are the kind of person who decorates their house for Christmas, then you know how frustrating it can be to hang lights. Whether you’re hanging them inside or outside, it can be a real hassle. The lights get twisted and tangled. Some of the bulbs fall off. At times, it seems like it’s just easier to buy new lights rather than contend with the mess you find in your basement. When you buy a new set of lights, you should be able to assume they’re safe. The last thing you should have to worry about are defective Christmas lights causing a fire. You don’t expect to get electrocuted while you’re hanging them on your roof or front porch. So, if something like this happens, you shouldn’t be left holding the bag. The company that made the lights should be held responsible. This is where an experienced defective product lawyer in Houston comes into the picture..

When a company puts their product out on the market, they certify that their product is safe. For example, if someone sells lawnmowers, they certify that a person who uses the mower properly won’t get hurt. The same is true with Christmas lights. When you buy a new box of lights, you shouldn’t have to worry about getting injured by the lights. If you are, you need to contact an experienced personal injury lawyer in Houston.

What Kinds of Injuries Would You Experience from Defective Holiday Lights?

If you’re injured due to defective holiday lights, it’s important that you get medical attention right away.. Some of these injuries can be quite serious. Houston personal injury lawyers typically see the following types of injuries involving defective lights:

  • You could get electrocuted and suffer serious burn injuries. It may seem far-fetched but it does happen.
  • You could end up suffering a house fire because of the defective Christmas lights. Just because the box says they’re safe to hang on a tree doesn’t mean you don’t have to be careful. Lots of people are injured every year due to house fires during the holidays.

If you’re one of the unlucky victims who get hurt by defective Christmas lights, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in Houston. They have handled cases like yours before and will do what it takes to get you the compensation you deserve.

Your Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Will Demand Damages

If you are injured by defective Christmas lights (or any other product), you may have a claim for damages. Your attorney will work hard to get you as much compensation as possible. They’ll have to prove that you’ve actually suffered these damages in order for you to recover.

Some of these damages will include the following:

  • Medical bills – Burns and other electrocution injuries require hospital treatment. You may need surgery. You may need facial reconstruction. If this is the case, the defendant should be held liable for these expenses.
  • Lost Wages – These types of injuries tend to be serious. You could be out of work for a lot longer than you may think. The defendant should have to reimburse you for this missed time.
  • Property Damage – If you have a house fire, then you’re going to experience some personal property damage. There’s no reason you should be left holding the bag. Let your attorney get this money from the defendant or their insurance company.
  • Pain and Suffering – Burns are some of the most painful injuries of all. It’s important that the defendant be held responsible for the physical and mental anguish caused by your accident.

Ideally, when the defendant’s insurance company receives your claim, they’ll pay it without a problem. If this doesn’t happen, your Houston injury lawyer will have no problem filing suit on your behalf..

Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Although the chances are slim, you could get injured in a defective light accident. If that happens to you this holiday, call and talk to an experienced personal injury lawyer at McDonald Worley in Houston. They’ll review your case, including your medical records. They’ll do whatever they can to get you justice.

This is why you should call and schedule your initial consultation right away. There’s no reason to wait. You also don’t want to miss the statute of limitations. As soon as you’ve received your medical treatment, arrange to meet up with a skilled attorney in our office.


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