How to Use In-Car Tools to Avoid Accidents

In-car tools are changing the game for drivers, and while you may have seen the videos of people snoozing behind the wheel in a Tesla, we’re talking about slightly lower-tech tools. As vehicles and their manufacturers continue to advance to match pace with our technological advancements, you can be sure that some tools can help you avoid accidents.

Nearly all crashes are avoidable, and some of these tools can help you build defensive driver habits, while others will aid you in eliminating distractions. With distractions being the biggest factor in car crashes today, it’s critical that you eliminate distractions just as much as you focus on building good driving habits.

However, if you do get into a distracted driving accident, call an experienced automobile accident attorney in Los Angeles for help.

In-Car Tools Available to Most Drivers

Navigation and GPS

Most phones and most cars come with GPS or navigation systems, which means that you could easily travel cross-country without ever pulling out a map. So how do these help us? In some cases, it helps us all make confident decisions when driving in a busy city or new area of town. In other cases, it can bring out the worst in drivers by shorting out or encouraging drastic lane changes.

It’s vital that you remember that these systems don’t account for traffic conditions in real-time. You should rely on them for directions, but never take an unsafe action because GPS or navigation guided you to do so.

Connectivity Solutions

Google radio, Apple connectivity, and Bluetooth have made it extremely easy to set an audiobook, podcast, or music to play straight from your phone. It can make GPS more reliable, and in some cases, it can allow the driver to have hands-free conversations on their phone.

The trouble is that if you’re messing around with the vehicle or something on your phone, the purpose of the connectivity is gone. You should still consider making it difficult, if not impossible, to manually hold or use your phone while driving. Eliminating the distraction reduces the chances of accidents substantially.

Auto-Braking and Lane Controls

Is auto-braking safe? What about lane controls, and how do those even work? The Insurance Institute is estimating that auto-braking will be standard in new vehicles before we hit 2022. Now the issue with that is many drivers are currently reporting the vehicle slamming on the brakes for “no reason at all.” But that may be more telling then it initially seems. It’s unlikely that these cars are slamming on their brakes for no reason.

It is more likely that the automatic brakes are taking action because it detects following too closely. While technology will never be perfect, the volume of complaints pales in comparison to the number of accidents avoided because of the successful function of the auto-brake systems.

Now, Lane Assist or Lane-Keep are both systems that try to keep the vehicle in the lane unless there’s a turn signal on. While many people see this as an excuse to drive under the influence or when tired, that is not the purpose. It’s to keep you in your lane in the event of avoidable distractions and to enforce the law that you need to have your turn signal on when changing lanes.

Will This Replace “Drive Mode?”

Drive mode is a system or a series of systems that many phone providers have put into place to eliminate or restrict distractions to drivers. Now, the drive mode is still voluntary and something that drivers can turn on and off at will. It doesn’t seem like Lane Assist, and auto-brake features will replace this as they don’t stand in the way of the cell phone distraction.

If anything, Drive Mode may become more restrictive over time as distracted driving still remains a prevalent issue for drivers of all ages.

When Should You Involve a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney?

At some point, our distractions are also the useful in-car tools that we rely on when traveling through Los Angeles. Even LA natives get confused with the constant changes in construction sites, one-way roads, and closed intersections. You can drive in LA every day and still rely on your GPS or an app for updates on road conditions. While you can definitely rely on technology for help to avoid accidents, you should also stay alert and aware of the road in front of you.

In our law office at McDonald Worley, our team strives to prove what tools were helping you and which tools contributed to the other driver making poor driving decisions. What you need is an energetic and capable attorney to tackle your case. Contact our Los Angeles car wreck law firm for an experienced car accident attorney in LA to handle your claim.


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