What Causes Heart Filter Complications?

Heart filters or IVC filters can lead to significant side effects and dangers. Any heart filter complications experienced by a patient may ultimately prompt them to get further medical attention or even to file a defective product claim, depending on the specifics of the case.

Unfortunately, heart filters, also known as IVC filters, have been subject to various questions and concerns over the past several years as more patients have come forward reporting problems and significant side effects. A malfunctioning IVC filter may lead to complications that may not be caught in time.

There are growing concerns over the associated risks of these medical devices that are implanted in several thousand patients across the United States. These patients often receive the heart filters after being diagnosed with blood clot complications..

These IVC filters are designed to minimize the risk of pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis and the risk of blood clots. However, an increasing number of patients have come forward to report heart filter complications.

Studies additionally support the adverse event reports filed by patients, showing a higher risk of blood clots or death when they are kept in the body for an extended period of time. IVC filters are vascular filters that are implanted in the abdomen’s large vein.

This vein carries blood from the lower portion of the body to the heart. The metal devices are quite small and are designed to guard against blood clots in people who are at high risk, who cannot take blood thinners. However, some of the most common heart filter complications reported to doctors and the FDA, include persistent chest pain, filter migration to various parts of the body, punctured organs, including the heart lungs or other tissue, shortness of breath, or even death.

A 2010 warning from the FDA indicated that these filters pose significant health risks and should be taken out as soon as possible to avoid the risk of heart filter complications.

Modern medical guidance as based on this FDA recommendation now suggests that these devices should be taken out no later than 54 days after implantation. However, many patients have already suffered complications after this time had passed.

Lawsuits are currently pending against C.R. Bard and Cook for heart filter complications, alleging that the manufacturers knew about the risks and failed to warn the medical community about the problem.

xarelto-verdictMany of these lawsuits have been then consolidated and centralized in the Southern District of Indiana and involve claims of heart filter complications, failing to warn of the known risks, design defects, breach of implied warranty, manufacturing defects and negligent misrepresentation.

Those patients who have been seriously injured by heart filter complications may have grounds to pursue a lawsuit with the assistance of dedicated attorneys.

Surviving family members of someone who suffered fatal injuries may also have grounds to pursue a wrongful death lawsuit.

The lawyers at McDonald Worley are currently investigating claims brought forward by victims who believe they have developed heart filter complications as a result of using an IVC filter. 


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