Texas Woman Joins MDL After Hernia Mesh Removal

Another plaintiff has joined a hernia mesh multidistrict litigation after suffering injuries from hernia mesh removal surgery.

Plaintiff Letha Dillard has joined the MDL alleging defendants Atrium, Maquet Cardiovascular and Getinge Ab are responsible for pain and injuries she suffered after her hernia mesh was removed by surgery.

The plaintiff alleges that hernia mesh was implanted surgically on July 20, 2015, but she had to have it removed on August 18 of the same year after suffering pain, seroma and infections.

The hernia mesh removal surgery took place at USMD Hospital at Arlington, Texas, according to the complaint.

The plaintiff is seeking compensatory damages for pain and suffering for severe and permanent personal injuries, permanent impairment, mental pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, past and future health and medical care costs, and economic damages including past and future lost earnings and/or earning capacity.

Additionally, the plaintiff alleges the companies should disgorge any profit obtained from the hernia mesh and suffer punitive damages.

What is Hernia Mesh?

Hernia mesh is surgically implanted in patients who suffer from hernias. Hernias occur when openings or weak muscles allow tissue to be pushed through and are very painful.

There are several different types of hernia mesh, including mesh that can be absorbed by the body and non-absorbable mesh. Hernia mesh can also be synthetic or made from animal tissues. Some types are permanent and meant to provide long-term support, while other hernia mesh is temporary and needs to be removed.

Hernia mesh is meant to reduce the occurrence of hernias; however, there are potential complications including erosion, bleeding, pain, migration and a host of others that may require hernia mesh removal. Additionally, after the initial hernia mesh is removed, second hernia operations are more difficult.

hernia mesh lawsuit filed by injured manHernia mesh recipients should be on the lookout for the following complications:

  • Infection
  • Intestinal and skin complications
  • Nerve damage

If you have undergone hernia mesh surgery and are dealing with inflammation, chronic pain, dental problems, or flu-like symptoms, you should contact your doctor immediately.

The Food and Drug Administration reports that most hernia mesh complications have been associated with products that have been recalled.

Those who have suffered complications and have had to undergo hernia mesh removal should consider seeking legal action. Several recalls have been issued over hernia mesh that has led to complications.

Recalls have included the following hernia mesh products:

Patients who undergo surgery for hernia mesh removal after complications may have a legal claim against the company who developed the hernia mesh.

An experienced attorney can help you recover lost wages and reimbursement for medical expenses, as well as compensation for any pain or injury suffered. Call the attorneys at McDonald Worley for a free case evaluation today.


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