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A traumatic brain injury can lead to agonizing symptoms and lasting health problems. Although it’s easy to depict such injuries as occurring after a fall, there are other causes of traumatic brain injuries. What makes these brain injuries complicated, moreover, is that the symptoms may start to appear later then sooner.

Despite the nature and severity of your internal injuries, personal injury attorneys in Houston can help.

Seeking for treatment can be expensive after you have been diagnosed with brain injury in Houston, TX. Nonetheless, a lawyer can help you recover for damages if your injuries were the result of another’s negligence.

With the help of a Houston personal injury lawyer, you may file for damages on economic and non-economic losses. These include losses on wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and a lower quality of life.

Traumatic Brain Injury Causes in Houston TX: What Your Houston Personal Injury Lawyer Can Tell You

A traumatic brain injury is a potentially serious injury in the brain that comes from a violent physical force. This force may either hit the head directly or other parts of the body by way of a forceful jolt. One of the first things that personal injury attorneys in Houston can do is examine the source of the impact.

There are many instances that lead to a traumatic brain injury. According to Mayo Clinic, some of these common causes are:

  • Car accidents or collisions
  • Slips and falls
  • Sports-related injuries
  • Physical assault and violence
  • Injuries during combat

All these injuries to the brain can be classified as either mild or serious. Although mild concussions and trauma can heal after a time, the more serious injuries can have lasting consequences. If you have suffered from such brain injuries in Houston, TX, medical assistance and legal help are equally important. It is important for you to talk with a Houston personal injury lawyer to understand your legal options.

How Can Personal Injury Attorneys in Houston Help With Your Claim for Compensation in Houston, TX?

One of the questions when seeking to recover on damages is if legal help will be necessary. For your claim in Houston, TX, will you really need a Houston personal injury lawyer? Why not simply meet with the insurance representative of the other party and agree on a settlement?

The truth, however, is that claims involving traumatic brain injuries have their complications. Brain injuries are not exactly visible. While tell-tale signs may be present, the other party may easily dismiss these symptoms as unrelated to the accident. Given this possible and common complication, working with a Houston personal injury lawyer is crucial.

Reliable personal injury attorneys in Houston can help you in terms of the following:

  • Establish the negligent party’s liability

For a successful claim, personal injury attorneys in Houston will have to establish the liability of the negligent party first. It is important to prove that the liable individual owed a duty of care to you. Should your traumatic brain injury be the direct result of a negligent act, causation is established.

  • Help you seek out damages for subjective losses

Personal injury attorneys in Houston can help you recover on your financial losses after the accident. A traumatic brain injury may require expensive treatments, especially with the presence of severe complications. Your condition may also force you to leave work or keep you away from gainful employment opportunities.

Just as important, however, is for you to obtain compensation on subjective losses, including pain and suffering. Without the requisite legal support, this can be difficult to accomplish on your own. A Houston personal injury lawyer, however, can work to ensure that you recover both on monetary and non-monetary losses.

  • Help with settlement and court action

Depending on the severity of your traumatic brain injury, you may go for a settlement or file for a lawsuit. Your injury may be due to a vehicular collision for which a distracted driver has been involved. Or, it may have been brought about by a slip and fall in unsafe premises. Personal injury attorneys in Houston can help you decide whether to accept a settlement offer or not. Similarly, a Houston personal injury lawyer can represent you in court should you decide to file a case.

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A traumatic brain injury can range from mild and temporary to pervasive and long-lasting. The causes of these injuries can differ, but are often connected to vehicular accidents, collisions, falls, and violence. 

If you have suffered from brain injuries due to the negligence of another person, you can fight for rightful compensation. Personal injury attorneys in Houston can help you on your way to financial and general recovery.

To work with a Houston personal injury lawyer, get in touch with us at the McDonald Worley Law Office today.