Be Careful to Avoid a Premises Liability Claim this Halloween

Most people love Halloween. They get dressed up in scary costumes and go trick or treating in their neighborhood. Or maybe they go to a friend’s Halloween party instead. Halloween can be a good time for all. The problem is, it can be a nightmare if you’re the one hosting the party of the haunted house. What a lot of people don’t realize is that opening up your home like that can be dangerous. Every time you let someone in your garage, there’s a chance they’ll get hurt. And, if you have a haunted house set up, the risk is even greater. There will be all sorts of ways in which someone can get hurt. Personal injury lawyers in Houston have seen it all. And, if someone gets hurt while on your property, they may file a premises liability claim against you.

Technically, they’ll be filing a claim against your homeowner’s policy. However, there’s always the chance that you’ll personally be held responsible for any injuries.

What is a Premises Liability Claim?

In order to understand why you’re putting yourself at risk, it’s important that you understand what a premises liability claim is. Basically, if someone gets injured while on your property, they can file a claim against you. This applies to anyone who’s on your property legally.

Depending on the situation, almost anyone has the right to file a premises liability claim. It could be someone you invited onto your property, such as a neighbor you invite into your haunted garage. Or, it could be a visitor that you give permission to enter onto your property. This would include trick or treaters. Finally, anyone you invite onto your property to build your haunted garage could technically file a claim against you.

If any of these people get hurt while on your property, they’ll file a claim against your homeowner’s policy.. Hopefully, your insurance will pay their claim. If it doesn’t, they may have to file a premises liability lawsuit against you instead.

Common Halloween Injuries That Could Lead to a Premises Liability Claim

You’d be surprised how many people get injured on Halloween.. Some are trick or treaters. Others are people on their way to a Halloween party. Every now and then, people decide to drink too much on Halloween and end up getting hurt. They either fall and stumble or they may get into a car accident. When things like this happen, others are hurt as well.

What starts out as a fun holiday turns into a nightmare. The last thing you want to do is ruin your holiday by ending up in the emergency room. Or, even worse, end up in a lawyer’s office getting sued for a million dollars. This is why you need to take a few precautions this Halloween.

If you follow these tips, you should have a safe and claim-free holiday:

  • Don’t invite strangers onto your property
  • Put up warnings signs if you have a dog
  • Let trick or treaters know that you have a difficult walkway, etc.
  • Don’t let your dog sit outside while you give out candy
  • If anyone is at your party, don’t let them drink and drive.

If you follow these guidelines, you should be okay. This way, you and your friends will all enjoy their Halloween.

What Kinds of Damages Will Your Neighbors Demand?

If someone does get injured while on your property this Halloween, the plaintiff will demand damages. Some of these damages include:

Medical bills and future medical bills – You’ll have to pay any medical bills caused by the premise’s liability accident. This includes any future medical care that the plaintiff may need. Their doctor will testify as to what kind of medical treatment they may need as a result of their injuries.

Lost wages – If the plaintiff misses a significant amount of time from work, you may be held liable for these wages.

Lost future earnings – If the plaintiff isn’t able to return to work after the crash, you’ll be liable for additional damages. For example, if they end up on permanent disability, they’ll be entitled to the difference they would’ve earned working full-time.

Contact an Experienced Injury Lawyer in Houston, Texas

Halloween is supposed to be fun. The last thing you want to do is end up in court because someone got hurt at your Halloween party. This is why you want to be careful when playing the host. Don’t serve too much alcohol. Make sure your house is clean and safe. Don’t go too crazy on the decorations. You don’t want anyone getting hurt. Besides, these are your friends and family.

Call McDonald Worley today and set up an initial consultation. You can relax after getting the peace of mind from an attorney at an experienced Houston personal injury firm.


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