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Unfortunately, distracted driving prevention has hit a road block in recent years. Despite the fact that plenty of people share that they know that distracted driving is dangerous, far too many people engage in the activity on a regular basis.

Many of these drivers have a false sense of confidence about how distracted driving prevention could begin with themselves. These drivers may suspect that they have a better capability to focus on two things at once than others on the road, and all too often, this ends in a serious and preventable accident which could lead to injuries or even deaths of other people.

Insurance costs and crash rates associated with distracted driving are on the rise and the number of people who shared that they believe distracted driving is a problem nearing an epidemic has grown.

The Traveler’s Risk Index recently evaluated the gap between what people do when it comes to distracted driving and what they perceive. Drivers usually believe that they are less distracted than they truly are inside the car, according to the outcomes of the study.

Car crashes have become more common throughout the United States and insurance costs have increased to help accommodate for the rising number of crashes caused by distracted driving. Up to 40 percent of drivers shared in that study that they had been distracted for 15 minutes for every one hour behind the wheel.

Up to 85 percent of those same respondents shared that they believe that distracted driving was a major danger. However, approximately one out of every four drivers admitted that they were able to safely operate their car while distracted.

One in 10 respondents also reported that they were often distracted by their technology when in the car. Research completed by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission found that it takes a driver as long as 27 seconds to regain their focus after looking away.

distracted-driving-car-accidentsThis could mean that somebody driving 25 mph may travel the distance of three football fields while trying to get refocused.

Being hurt in a distracted driving accident can be overwhelming and it is important for all drivers to understand the benefits of distracted driving prevention.

Distracted driving prevention can begin in your own car and should always be modeled for teenage drivers as well.

Some of the most popular distracted driving prevention tips include never texting or calling a loved one if you are aware that they are driving, holding a driver’s phone if you are the passenger inside the vehicle, turning off your phone and putting it inside the glove box or using distracted driving phone apps to remove the temptation, and talking to everyone in your family about the risks of distracted driving.

If you have been involved in a serious distracted driving accident, you may be eligible to recover compensation with the help of experienced and knowledgeable attorneys.

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