The Many Hazards of Drowsy Driving

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Drowsy driving results in many vehicle accidents around the country. In fact, NHTSA estimates that drowsy driving alone is possibly the reason for 1 in 10 accident fatalities. Also, the CDC has information illustrating how 4% of all drivers know they’ve fallen asleep behind the wheel a minimum of one time in just the last month. All of this is quite concerning, especially when you keep in mind that fatigue itself:

  • Impacts the ability of drivers to make decisions
  • Dulls their reaction times
  • Leaves them unable to pay full attention

Drivers that totally fall asleep wind up losing control over their vehicle and will hit any obstacle or car that winds up in their path.

Victims of such accidents frequently wind up looking for help from a car accident attorney. The laws of the state of Texas let accident victims recover losses that they suffer. Unfortunately, it’s a grueling and arduous process. This holds true even more than usual in cases involving drowsy driving.. It’s rarely easy to prove fault in such circumstances.

As a result, car accident lawyers often pursue sophisticated investigations.. They’ll focus on things like a diagnosis or symptoms of any sleep disorders and any traces of alcohol or drugs in the driver’s blood. They’ll even look into the home and work schedules of a driver. Demonstrating that a driver didn’t sleep much or at all goes a long way towards helping the case.

What Drowsy Driving Results in and Your Need to Have a Houston Auto Wreck Attorney

The consequences of drowsy driving accidents can be quite severe. When a driver falls asleep behind the wheel or succumbs to fatigue, the results can be anything from severe injuries to death. Even with injuries that don’t take lives, recovery from them eats up a lot of money, work, and time.

A Houston auto wreck attorney can help their clients get the compensation they need. When they assume responsibility for the case, they save their clients a lot of time and effort. They’re able to procure money faster by expediting many steps of the process and negotiating a prompt settlement.

Based on the specific conditions of an accident, potential compensation might cover the following:

  • Treatment and rehabilitation costs
  • Vehicle repairs
  • Missed earnings/wages
  • Vehicle replacement
  • Physical/psychological torment
  • Adjustments for disability
  • Emotional consequences that might include a reduced capacity to enjoy life and/or loss of consortium

All this illustrates how much havoc drowsy driving can wreak if an accident happens. Damages can easily reach into the thousands of dollars. These accidents can result in serious injuries, disabilities, and even fatalities. The impact on everyone involved is substantial. By working with a Houston auto wreck attorney, you can recover proper compensation to help reduce the impact of your losses.

It’s never easy for injury victims to spend weeks to months hospitalized or going through recovery. The process involves tremendous stress, frustration, pain, and financial pressure. Quite a few accident victims say that such events forever alter the course of their lives. Some even develop a fear of ever getting behind the wheel again. Others wind up having nightmares or even PTSD. Anyone who suffers a fracture is likely to go through discomfort and pain for a long time to come.

At-fault drivers can lose everything just for a few hours of sleep that they skipped out on. Losing their driver’s license is a very real possibility, and if they have to commute for their job, they might lose their livelihood. The driver might even end up with criminal charges and prison time. Families frequently fall apart if one of them winds up in jail. Accident liability can also impact the social life of an at-fault driver.

Even when drivers get away, the guilt of injuring a person or ending a life is a tough thing to endure. If they’re not insured or their coverage at the time refuses to pay out anything, then they might wind up facing a civil lawsuit. Courts can decide they must pay up compensation themselves. This only makes their losses mount up even more.

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Houston car accident lawyers can’t make all your problems go away. Having said that, they do save time, stress, and money. Count on one to handle most of your issues with the right assistance, guidance, and answers. Use one to recover your losses so you can get on with life. If you are involved in a drowsy driving accident, consult an attorney.

Our personal injury law firm in Houston has represented numerous victims of drowsy driving accidents, so we know how to establish legal liability that gets you fair compensation. Call McDonald Worley today to learn what we can do and what we know. Schedule your free case review right away!


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